Learn How Void Bets Decrease Chances of Losses in Online Sports Betting

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The author of this article owns a chain of online sports betting and loves to share his learnings with other players. But, the popularity of bookies has decreased significantly and today online betting is the thing everyone is running after.

What is a Void Bet?

Advantages Void Bets

Although there are plenty of things to learn but here we begin by introducing one of the most commonly used terms, that is, Void Bets. If you wish to learn more about cricket fantasy or betting on football then visit kick360.com.

Situations for Void Bet

The only difference between traditional and online sports betting is the latter takes place over the Internet.

Anyone who wishes to analyze the pros and cons of any trend in the betting industry must have proper knowledge and experience. At that time, people could place bets on any match taking place in any part of the world with the help of bookies in neighborhood (A bookie is the person who accepts cash bets and then pays off to the one who wins the bet). But, for your assistance we list some of the advantages of void bets. To increase the odds of winning money while betting on sports, you must be familiar with the system in all.

If you pay attention to the section above, we have mentioned that void bets occur in particular situations and these situations are:

Introduction to Online Sports Betting(http://www.hhht888.com)

Player Injury When someone bets on a particular player and he gets injured while playing then it is a void bet.

Changes in Timings If a sports event does not get over within scheduled time then the money is returned as it is and the bet is declared as void.

Postponed Events Many times, sports events are postponed due to one reason or the other. Firstly, these bets help in reducing losses to great extent. Since individuals from different parts of the world bet at one place, a uniform pattern is followed throughout. This trend of placing bets through bookie in nearby areas prevailed for long and we would like to mention that it exists even today. As years passed, sports betting became a popular thing and bets were placed at a large scale. This swift growth has brought lovers of sports betting residing in different parts of the world together thereby bringing transparency in the system.

The history of football betting dates back to the days when players actually started playing the game. And then all the bets are declared as void.

Void bet refers to the situation in which the amount of money put at stake as it is without deducting or adding any amount. It is worth mentioning that void bets occur quite frequently and thus you should have an in depth understanding about the same.. In the earlier times, people used to watch sports and put wager on the outcome in small groups. Also, if you place a bet on a wrong player then these bets give you a chance to save your money. There is no limitation on placing wagers through bookies in nearby areas only and you can virtually contact any dealer in any part of the world Going Here

Audi’s Proposed  & pound;90M M88 Sponsor Deal With Bayern Munich Could Be Football’s Biggest Ever

m88 Last Updated Nov 4, 2009 12:34 PM EST

If Bayern Munich pull off their 90 million deal with Audi it could vault the German club to the top of BNET’s Global M88 Football Sponsorship Deal League (see below). Utd., the Daily Mail reports.. Deal length is crucial — Arsenal signed a 100 million deal with Emirates, but as the term of the agreement is a massive 15 years, it only nets the club 6.7 million a year — leaving Arsenal far behind rivals such as Liverpool ,M88 and Manchester United.

The deal (100 million, $147.7 million) would also move the center of gravity for m88 football sponsorship away from the English Premier League to the Bundesliga. All Rights Reserved. BNET’s Global Football Sponsorship Deal League:

M88 Liverpool: 20 million a year (81 million over four years) with Standard Chartered Manchester United: 20 million a year (80 million over four years) with Aon Real Madrid: 18.3 million a year (55 million over three years) with Bwin.comBayern Munich: 17 million a year (68 million over four years) with T-Home Juventus: 15 million a year (75 million over five years) with Tamoil Chelsea: 12.5 million a year (37.5 million over three years) with Samsung Manchester City: 8m a year (24 million over three years) with Etihad Airways.Arsenal: 6.7 million a year (100 million over 15 years) with EmiratesRelated:

2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. or Man. The arrival of Audi (and its big bag of cash) has already prevented Franck Ribery from leaving Bayern to go m88 to either Chelsea F.C. Currently, Bayern sit at fourth with a pact with T-Home worth 17 million a year (68 million over four years).

The top deal is believed m88 to be Liverpool F.C.’s recent signing of Standard Chartered for 81 million over four years.

The deal will give Audi a 9.5 percent stake in the m88 club, but it is not clear how long the deal will last

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SBO : Where does Arturo Vidal fit at Bayern?

sbo The Chilean offers a more direct sbo option and is essentially the

Sbo player to shake things up in attack. . Sampaoli is a self-announced ‘Bielsista’ — a term that

is given to somebody who shares the principles of former coach Bielsa,

namely high-pressing and lots of interchanging sbo positions.

Vidal’s arrival for around 35 million euros stands in contrast

to the sbo club’s other signings this summer — the Chilean is proven

quality with 69 caps, even winning the Copa America this summer.

Four years later, a temperamental Vidal has commanded the

Sbo club’s third highest transfer fee — just a few euros behind deals

for Javi Martinez and Mario GE[micro]tze — and has signed a


Vidal has a high-energy, destructive game, but also likes to sbo pop up

in the box. DW’s Ross Dunbar looks at how

his arrival could mark a change in the sbo team’s playing style under

Pep Guardiola.

But ‘the sort of player’ Bayern have signed in 2015 could

be the missing piece of the jigsaw for Pep Guardiola who wants to secure

SBO European success in the final year of his three-year stint in Munich.

Perhaps this ‘chaos’ player is exactly what Bayern need sbo

for greater success.

The 28-year-old has built up a wealth of experience since leaving

Bayer Leverkusen in 2011, winning four consecutive Italian championships

Sbo with Juventus and reaching the Champions League final last season.

Guardiola has long been an admirer of Chile’s high-pressing,

fluid sbo football under Marcelo Bielsa, and now present coach Jorge

Sampaoli who led the nation to its first Copa America title earlier this

year. You need both. (

Syndigate.info ).

How times have changed: “This is the sort of sbo player I

wouldn’t have at Bayern,” said Bayern Munich’s chairman

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in 2011.

But in his four years at Juventus, Vidal was the box-to-box

destroyer of a three-man sbo midfield that included the peerless Andrea

Pirlo. Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. They can

create absolutely everything and the head coach can’t control that.

You cannot limit that …. They are a part of the

game,” Pep Guardiola said in an interview with sbo football website

Squawka last year.

What do you think of Vidal’s move to Bayern Munich? What will

he bring? And does he boost Bayern’s chances in Europe? Join the

discussion below.

Arturo Vidal has swapped Turin for Munich in the search for a

SBO Champions League winner’s medal.

“And then there are the ones who cause chaos… If Guardiola is

indeed looking to model his side around that of Chile’s national

sbo team, then Vidal could be more suited to a wing-back position.

[c] 2015 Daily News Egypt. SBO Sporting director Matthias Sammer was right to note

Vidal’s flexibility as one part of his skill set

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Football: REDS IN THE FAST LANE! Premier League football We’re hitting top gear at right time – Crouch.

Eight goals against Besiktas, four again against Porto, three at Newcastle, two against Fulham.

Ferguson said: “Louis’ last full game before the match at Bolton was last December. They have come off the back of a fantastic result, beating Manchester United, and not many teams do that.

“We are unbeaten in the league. We just have to stay focused.”

EURO JOY: Liverpool’s Peter Crouch celebrates his goal with Steven Gerrard during the 4-1 victory over Porto in the Champions League this week

“We did not have the best of starts in Europe but we are still unbeaten in the league, and we have to keep that going.”

He added: “I would say things are really coming together now. We have to remember that when people say we have had a slow start so we have to keep the good form going.”


Crouch said: “It is starting to come good now. In fact, they have lost just two of 22 games this term and are still unbeaten in the Barclays Premier League.

On tomorrow’s task against Gary Megson’s new charges, Crouch said: “Bolton will be tough. If we keep going I am sure we can end the season on a high.

He managed a further 79 minutes against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League in midweek and Ferguson must now decide whether to keep him in his starting line-up as his old club Fulham visit Old Trafford on Monday night, with Wayne Rooney pencilled in for his return.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the m88 copyright holder.

And they return to that competition tomorrow when improving Bolton visit Anfield, aiming to halt the Reds’ march of four straight wins which have yielded 17 goals.

MANCHESTER United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admits he must tread carefully to ensure Louis Saha gets back to 100% fitness.

PETER Crouch believes Liverpool are running into form just at the right time to ensure a glittering second half to the season.

The big striker, who is having to fight hard for every appearance in the club’s forward line, can still enthuse about a run which sees Liverpool unbeaten in seven games. We are confident at the moment so I am sure we will go on to have a strong second half to the season.. All rights reserved.

The French striker has suffered from a series of injury problems since joining the Red Devils from Fulham in January 2004 and played his first 90 minutes for almost a year in the defeat at Bolton last weekend.

“They will be confident and you know they will give 100%. We have to be careful, but he felt great against Sporting and that’s encouraging.”

Copyright 2007 Gale, Cengage Learning

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Ferguson speaks out against ’39th game’

Ferguson made his opposition public as his team arrived in Japan to play 12bet in FIFA’s Club World Cup.

Ferguson’s team face a fixture backlog after returning home from Japan where they have a semifinal against Asian champions Gamba Osaka on Thursday with the final scheduled for Sunday.

“You look at our domestic program allied to our cup competitions. It is impossible.”

The long-serving manager in the English Premier League cannot see the need for an additional match, citing fixture congestion as the primary reason.

“I think it is mainly the media in Britain who don’t take this tournament as seriously as we do,” he said.

“I don’t think there will ever be a 39th game and I don’t believe there should be,” Ferguson told the Press Association.

However, the United manager was better disposed to Club World Cup, which comes at an awkward time in the English season.

As well as their defense of the Premier League and Champions League titles, United have also reached the semifinals of the League Cup and will begin their FA Cup challenge next month.

Football fans, the chance to have YOUR say on CNN is here!

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has still not abandoned his original plan, due to start in the 2010-11 season, but Ferguson’s opposition is sure to be a formidable obstacle.

Football Fanzone

Premier League officials first floated the idea of a 39th game last spring, with clubs due to face each other in a number of locations around the world.

It was met with widespread opposition in the traditional football community, with many international confederations concerned that hosting Premier League matches would have a negative impact on their own domestic competitions.

Ferguson is firmly opposed to controversial plans for a 39th Premier League game.

Learn about the Gamba Osaka football team who will face Manchester United

(CNN) — Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has come out against the idea of a a 39th Premier League game to be played in Asia.

“I certainly am not in favor of it.

“The nitty gritty is that we could look back in 30 years and say that Manchester United was the world champion and that is what this club is about and that is why it is important for us to win it.”

But recently there have been some conciliatory noises coming out of the Far East, with Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam indicating qualified support.

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Betting Markets Predict Supreme Court Will Strike Down Individual Mandate

And if the market is any indication, the decision is not going to be pretty for the president.

As it stands now, the odds are in Obama’s favor. “We just can’t comprehend the opposition.”

Smithson said Europeans have a “massive interest” in betting on U.S. Romney’s odds stand at 5 to 4, or about 44 percent.

“Being blunt, I think that most Europeans think the U.S. That same $100 bet today would only yield about $140.. Nadex, a Chicago-based stock exchange, tried to establish an exchange for political event stocks, but it was struck down by federal regulators.

From New York to London, traders on the political stock market Intrade are buying stock to predict how the court will rule. As America waits for the Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s health care law, people around the world are gambling more than their health insurance on the court’s decision.

There is a 75 percent chance the court will rule the individual mandate, or requirement that every American buy health insurance, is unconstitutional, according to the Ireland-based market.

Americans looking to tap into the political betting game will have to set their sights overseas. is absolutely mad that it doesn’t have a public health care system,” Smithson said. On March 25, the day before oral arguments began, Intrade put the probability that the court would overturn the mandate at 35 percent. Ladbrokes, a London-based gambling company, has Obama’s odds of winning at 8 to 13, or about 62 percent likelihood that he will be reelected. presidential election in m88 gambling houses and political stock markets throughout the UK, Smithson said.

“The markets are cautiously favorable toward Obama right now, but there is still so much uncertainty,” Strumpf said, noting the unstable economies in both the United States and Europe. “That’s about as big a lead as any candidate could probably have this far out.”

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission ruled in April that “the contracts involve gaming and are contrary to the public interest and cannot be listed or made available for clearing or trading.”

While Obama tends to be more popular in Europe than in the U.S., Smithson said there has been a “very sharp move toward Romney” over the past six weeks.

In early May, if someone had bet $100 that Romney would win, they had the prospect of winning about $220, Smithson said. politics, but few are putting money on the Supreme Court’s decision because there is a “complete lack of appreciation for why it should be so politically contentious.”

In the U.K., on the other hand, gambling on politics is “extraordinarily big business,” said Mike Smithson, a former BBC journalist and founder of PoliticalBetting.com.

And because the market pulls predictions from a large group of political junkies, financial analysts and people who heavily research the topic, it is probably the “best predictor,” said Koleman Strumpf, professor of business economics at the University of Kansas School of Business, who studies political stock markets.

“Decisions by small groups of people in a closed room are hard to forecast,” Strumpf said, but “this is probably the best forecast.”

Betting on event outcomes such as the Supreme Court ruling and political elections is generally not legal in the U.S., although thousands of Americans use European-based markets to make money off political outcomes, Strumpf said.

In March, before the Supreme Court began hearing the health care challenge, the market was considerably more optimistic that the individual mandate would survive. Within two days of the oral arguments, that probability shot above 60 percent.

World News Videos | US News Videos


So far Europeans have wagered more than 10 million pounds ($1.6 million dollars) on the U.S

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Online Wetten-Convenient and Easy Way to Bet for Sports And Earn Profits

Trust me; once you get a hang of it, you can become quite an expert and can surely win some really good bets. In fact, this betting has given rise to another popular business and that is, bookmaking. In most of the cases, people fun88 bet for the favorite teams. Then you actually need to wager a fixed amount of money on that team or animal. You can sit at home in front of the desktop system, have a cup of coffee and start betting. Internet betting combines sports betting with bookmaking and technology available over the web that makes it possible for a sheer number of people all over the world to take part in events that may be happening in other parts of the world.

Online betting for sports has become quite popular and widespread these days. These wagers are the persons who might be the same as the one you have placed or they might be placed on other teams. Bookmaking is something that helps in bringing the risks involved in betting to a minimum without which betting would become very risky as the betting odds are placed against events which nobody has any control over.


Your rating: None

In order to get a hang of how online sports betting works, it is important to know about the basic concept of sports betting. You can win if you place the right bet or even you can lose also in case you don’t. The basic concept is really not that difficult to understand. The betting of any sports is real fun. This is why it is vital to do your lessons on sports betting before you place the bet.

The World Wide Web has come into picture in online betting for sports and this has led to the increase in popularity of online betting (online wetten). However, like everything else, online betting is something that is also a game of chance. For more info,please visit Online Wetten and Sportwetten Bonus .. And the main thing is that setting up an account is very easy and convenient and you can place the betting odds anytime you want and from anywhere you want.

Author’s Bio: 

Online betting (online wetten) has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent times. Other individuals will too place their own wagers on the team they think will win. Remember, all you have to do is predict which teams or animals, in case of sports involving use of any animals like horse racing, is most likely to win at the game. Hence, there is a possibility of losing a significant amount of money. In case if your team is winning the game, you will win all the money that the others had wrongly wagered or vice versa.

Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, hockey and motorsport. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations. One of the major reasons why it is so popular is simply because it is convenient

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Football Betting Myths by Luken Karel

If the rumor is correct, the gambler has stolen the line on a game that’s certain to change. Professional gamblers believe all their bets are good ones; that’s why they make them.

Myth #8: Statistical wagering trends are important.

Given the massive popularity of the NFL, it’s surprising that the sport is shrouded in so much betting misunderstanding and misconception.

Let’s try to separate betting myth from reality:

Reality: While the goal is to construct a betting line that is of equal attraction to both favorite and underdog players, it rarely works out that way. If the rumor is false, then he’s played Indianapolis’ opponent at a fair price. The betting line is created and adjusted to meet the opinion of professional gamblers because it is they, not the casual fan, who bets serious money on the game. . For example, if a professional bettor hears a rumor that Peyton Manning has the flu and is too ill to play quarterback for the Colts, he’ll quickly bet on Indianapolis’ opponent. A detailed, in-depth assessment of NFL teams begins more than a month before the opening kickoff. A professional gambler believes that if a game is worth betting, it’s worth betting significantly. Professional bettors put little faith in the favorite/underdog, home/away pointspread analysis that so often is cited by gridiron “handicappers.” It’s just another method of backfitting dismissed as irrelevant by wiseguys.

Reality: More than any misconception, this myth probably best illustrates the difference between how professionals and amateurs think. That’s probably not just luck.

Reality: Actually, sophisticated gamblers bet a lot of games. It’s not enough to have one specific area of expertise because the NFL schedule demands that teams play half their games outside their own division. Historically, the first six weeks of the season have been very kind to bookmakers. Think of it this way: If you’re a successful gambler, why risk serious money on just a few games where a freak play or an official’s call can make you a loser? The wider the net is tossed, the less of a factor luck becomes in the outcome.

Myth #2: Betting lines get balanced action.

Reality: Not likely. The concept of a “best bet” is a media creation that is foreign to professional sports bettors. Bookmakers still may occasionally receive information regarding injuries or weather changes before players, but thanks to technology, that advantage often can be measured in seconds. Knowing the strength of a team is worthless if you don’t also know the strength of the opponent.

Myth #9: It’s never wise to bet on rumors

Myth #5: Professional gamblers pick their spots, betting just a couple of games a weekend.

Reality: Technical analysis may be popular but it’s hardly meaningful. Many years ago, if a bookmaker found out some significant nugget of data, he might try to lure the bettor to the “wrong” side. More typically, a third of the games on the NFL schedule will have an insignificant amount of betting to cause much of a concern, another third will have active but balanced betting and the remaining third will have mostly one-way action. Traditionally, how the house fares on these lopsided games, called “decisions,” determines whether books win or lose.

Reality: Oh, yes it is. Those days are gone as inside information has all but ceased to exist and there is no such thing as a “trap” game.

Myth #3: Bookmakers have inside information that they use to establish “trap” games.

Myth #7: Bettors can win by concentrating on a specific conference, division or region.

Myth #4: Bettors have the edge early in the season because oddsmakers and bookmakers need more time to assess the teams.

Myth #1: Betting lines are created to beat the public.

Myth #6: Wiseguys bet more on games they really like.

Reality: More hours are spent analyzing the opening week of the NFL season than any other is. Reality: Nowadays, with nearly everyone having access to the Internet, it’s not so much the information as how well that data is interpreted. While it’s true that teams often do not tip their hand during the preseason or against weak, non-divisional foes, players are in no better position to uncover this deception than are bookmakers. Professional bettors generally wager approximately the same amount on every game they play. Since most lines are accurate, the bettor takes little betting risk in chasing a rumor.

Reality: With the exception of the Super Bowl, the public plays almost no role in the linemaking process Going Here

Baseball Handicapping Formula – How To Become Great at Baseball Handicapping

There is no license or certification required. Baseball season is very long and there are many ups and downs for every team. Don’t confuse being lucky for being good.

Just what is abaseball handicapper? According to Wikipedia: Baseball Handicapping is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or other advantage given to different contestants to equalize the chances of winning. They must be up to date with all trades, injuries, trends and current statistics. This formula must be battle tested. Then there are the side variable such as weather conditions, disputes among the players sand mental state of the players. The only way to fully grade a handicappers picks is over the entire season.

Now you are probably reading this article because you want to know who is best. My feelings on this are not one individual can be giving that title. You just start analyzing ball games and select your winners. The only way to test a formula is to use through an entire baseball season. For effectivebaseball handicappingyou need to follow a formula. Many get lucky but luck only happens occasional. Baseball handicapping is not all based on skill. Luck has a lot to do with it. Remember to distinguish the difference between just lucky and picking the right side. There is no government rating nor is there any real tracking system. It is better to be lucky than be good, right. Now a proven winning formula is mandatory. Part of being a good handicapper is promoting yourself as one. A good handicapper will take all this information and plug into their handicapping formula.

The bestbaseball handicappersin one who thoroughly follows the game, uses a proven system along with all those miscellaneous variables to determine their selections. Anyone can create a formula and start using it, but it has to be tested. That is the easy part just about all handicappers claim to be the best.

I would define the best baseball handicapper a one who is truly knowledgeable on the sports. Be consistent with your bets and use proper money management and you will the best baseball handicapper.

. A handicapper that just picks games without close examination is one that I would avoid. I am a true believe that anyone can be the best baseball handicapper if they so desire. Let’s make it simple and say that a baseball handicapper is a person that analyzes two baseball teams and attempt to picks the winner.

The fact is anyone can claim to be good atbaseball handicapping. Follow the game, use a proven baseball betting formula, there are many available. You might have a nice run for a week, start thinking you have the best system in the world then lose the next 10 games Going Here

Did anyone grow up completely uninterested in books and reading?

That’s why this topic is fascinating, because it’s so unusual that one almost immediately tries to figure out what type of reading writers who dislike reading actually do like.

Ah, but you still love reading. I’m a science, technology, and social issues news junkie as well as a fiction, non-fiction, and textbook reading junkie. It’s rare, but there are writers who read not so much as an article, forum post, or email unless they absolutely have to.

. If you didn’t, you’d likely watch videos instead or do whatever else it is that non-readers do to stay aware of the wider world Going Here

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

It’s not only so simple that a child could understand, but it’s 100% legitimate and tax free (although please remember tax laws vary from country to country and over time.)

Hopefully you are now starting to understand the potential of arbitrage trading. You can even do this from your beach house while sipping on a martini and enjoying the cool sea breeze on your face.

I have put together a package so you could actually be enjoying your first profits in just a few hours from now because you’ll actually receive free lifetime access to a website that gives a list of all available arbitrage opportunities everyday, and in realtime! This is a bonus that is almost priceless because it will help you harvest incredible profits every single day – for the rest of your life. As you read on you’re going to discover rock-solid proof, not only on exactly how well this perfectly simple technique works, but also how it has the potential to effortlessly make you a lot of money, everyday, for just a few minutes of work.

Well the internet has thrown up a once-in-a-generation opportunity for just about anyone with an internet connection and PC to make heaps of cash every day by doing exactly the same thing. Isn’t it better to use this amazing technique now rather than later?

Perhaps you’re concerned that it’s not legal? Let me assure you, this simple little method is perfectly legal – in fact huge investment banks listed in the stock exchanges that you probably own shares in use this exact same method every single day to sweep in millions of dollars for themselves. Apply the knowledge of arbitrage to hundreds of sporting events to make money, completely risk free and guaranteed. It can never be closed down (you’ll see exactly why in a minute) and as the internet grows (believe me, we’ve only seen the very tip of the internet iceberg to now) the opportunities to earn sure, risk-free money from this simple strategy will multiply by hundreds of times. It is the power of the internet that also gives you the chance to use arbitrage every day to make a lot of money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

We’re now getting to the real interesting part. I have just shared with you an incredibly powerful formula to tap into a huge stream of wealth whenever you like – every single day. I said earlier that there is nothing else quite like it in the world – that’s because this loophole/internet opportunity (call it what you like) is the only investment technique I have ever seen that makes a guaranteed, risk free profit in a few hours time without any chance of a loss. Arbitrage is zero risk and guaranteed profits – it is a high paying, very short term (a couple of hours) investment that will ALWAYS result in you walking away with a certain profit. As the number of online bookies has seriously increased over the last couple of years so the number of highly profitable arbitrage opportunities have exploded. With this Sports Betting Arbitrage Package you’ll learn how to:

You’re going to be applying the concept of arbitrage to the world of online sports betting. At 3/1 the total amount to invest in Clijsters to return $100 was $25.

This is exactly how arbitrage opportunities are born. It is NOT betting.

About The Author

Now 3.58% may seem like a small return but remember that it was totally certain, risk free, took only 2 hours to achieve and there was never a possibility of ever losing the money or not getting the profit. How much is that actually worth? I’m not sure I can even put a dollar value on it.

Ray Fearnley

Kind regards,

1. Before continuing to read just remember two things. A return of 3.58% within under 2 hours (this is a very conservative example). The second is that you cannot possibly ever lose using the almost embarrassingly easy one-step technique that you’re going to discover.

2. Use this incredible but simple investment technique to earn money for you everyday for as long as the internet is around, regardless of the economic climate or where you happen to live. You can use this method in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe…anywhere with an internet connection and PC. This is also the reason that it’s perfectly legal to profit from them, why they can never be closed down and why the opportunities will continue to grow explosively over the next few decades.

Now I’m going to prove it!

It could change your life!

The fact is this information is priceless and is unheard of by most investors, let alone the general public. You will literally be able to switch on your PC, visit a website that shows you today’s guaranteed returns, place your guaranteed risk free investment and collect your profits a couple of hours later.

It’s so simple that even a seven year old could understand it. There are literally thousands of these “Profit Loopholes” every single day, each paying between 3% & 90% on your investment - 100% risk free & guaranteed!

You stumble across knowledge such as this perhaps once in a lifetime which, if applied, will give you an excellent daily income for life with minimal effort – this, like arbitrage itself is simply a mathematical certainty. This is not gambling. It’s not even investing strictly speaking because with all of these things it’s possible that you can make a loss – but with sports arbitrage there is no possible chance of you ever losing – you know the exact profit you are going to make before the sporting event even kicks off. But the best thing is that not only is it 100% legal – but it can never be stopped and the number of opportunities that exist everyday are growing with the internet. Betting is a very risky thing to do – sure a handful of few people may win at it but on the whole most people will always lose in the long term. That’s very good news for us and I’ll explain more on this shortly.

3. First, you need absolutely no knowledge either of investment arbitrage or sporting events to make a certain, 100% guaranteed profit every day with this simple technique. It is not trading. It is the power of the internet that has brought this to your attention. http://rayzee.co.uk

This article was posted on March 24, Going Here

Online Wetten-Convenient and Easy Way to Bet for Sports And Earn Profits

Hence, there is a possibility of losing a significant amount of money. In most of the cases, people bet for the favorite teams. Trust me; once you get a hang of it, you can become quite an expert and can surely win some really good bets. For more info,please visit Online Wetten and Sportwetten Bonus .

Online betting for sports has become quite popular and widespread these days. And the main thing is that setting up an account is very easy and convenient and you can place the betting odds anytime you want and from anywhere you want. In case if your team is winning the game, you will win all the money that the others had wrongly wagered or vice versa.

The World Wide Web has come into picture in online betting for sports and this has led to the increase in popularity of online betting (online wetten). You can win if you place the right bet or even you can lose also in case you don’t. Remember, all you have to do is predict which teams or animals, in case of sports involving use of any animals like horse racing, is most likely to win at the game. Bookmaking is something that helps in bringing the risks involved in betting to a minimum without which betting would become very risky as the betting odds are placed against events which nobody has any control over.

Online betting (online wetten) has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent times. However, like everything else, online betting is something that is also a game of chance. This is why it is vital to do your lessons on sports betting before you place the bet.. In order to get a hang of how online sports betting works, it is important to know about the basic concept of sports betting. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations. In fact, this betting has given rise to another popular business and that is, bookmaking. Internet betting combines sports betting with bookmaking and technology available over the web that makes it possible for a sheer number of people all over the world to take part in events that may be happening in other parts of the world.

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Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, hockey and motorsport. The basic concept is really not that difficult to understand. These wagers are the persons who might be the same as the one you have placed or they might be placed on other teams. You can sit at home in front of the desktop system, have a cup of coffee and start betting. Other individuals will too place their own wagers on the team they think will win. The betting of any sports is real fun. One of the major reasons why it is so popular is simply because it is convenient. Then you actually need to wager a fixed amount of money on that team or animal Going Here

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Betting shops and bookmakers also play a big role in the UK gambling scene. The advent of gambling via the Internet, mobile phone and/or television also served to make the gambling laws that were passed in 1968 seem rather old-fashioned. The types of sports betting in the UK include horse and dog racing.

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The gambling industry in the UK was given a thorough review, approved by the government, during the year 2000. Known as gaming for around 265 years before the term gambling was introduced, the entertainment value of the many types of wagering money or property continues to grow. Among these are the National Lottery Commission, the Gambling Commission, British Casino Association, British Horseracing Board, and the Association of British Bookmakers. As more people began to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their homes, and the impacts of Internet gambling became apparent, a change of rules was definitely needed!

Three categories of gambling are prevalent in the UK. The most vocal criticism of these liberal gambling laws came from the Methodist Church and the Salvation Army. Many people feel all gambling is wrong, and are quite firm in their belief.

A new Gambling Act went into effect in 2007, and the reaction of a large number of people was anything but positive. They also have the power to impose fines, pull licences, assess penalties, and can see that those who cheat or gamble illegally are prosecuted. In most cases, a person must be over age 18 in order to gamble. The effects of gambling can be far reaching. Some must obtain certificates of approval before they can begin their jobs. Gambling statistics were studied, and the follow-up to this review was dubbed the Bud Report. Nevertheless, the new laws remained, and served to regulate not only certain lotteries, bingo, casinos and gaming machines, but also remote gambling and betting.. These are betting, casino style gambling, and lotteries. More than ten various commissions and trade associations have been established to aid in the monitoring process of gambling. Sports betting is quite popular, and betting shops offer a location to place a bet via betting terminals, seating to watch the events on television, and enjoy some refreshments as well. Bookmakers have many tasks. They refused to recognize any benefits of gambling. It recommended that gambling as a whole should be modernized.

Gambling is an exciting pastime, and there are many options for enjoying the many aspects of it whether you are at home or in a casino. Their concern was that the number of casinos in Britain would grow at an alarming rate. This report also suggested that current laws be relaxed to let communities have more freedom of choice concerning their gambling habits. They accept the wagers, collect money from those who lost a wager, pay those who won, and turn a profit by striving for a balanced book. Gamblers can also place a bet on the Internet or by way of a telephone call.

The history of gambling is quite a storied one. Despite the evolution of this popular pastime, gambling isnt always viewed as socially acceptable. The exceptions are fruit machines which pay with tokens, which has no age limit, lotteries that are local, and football pools, with the latter two having an age limit of 16 and above.

Those who are employed within the gambling industry are held to high standards.

Back in 1994, the UK government approved a National Lottery, which helped to make gambling seem more mainstream to the public Going Here

Sports :: Bowling Tips for the 2-4-6 Spare

However, using the 2-4-6 method is the best way to avoid problems, and to accurately pick up spares in all conditions.

The 2-4-6 spare system is also known as the Swedish Spare System, and is usually recommended for advanced bowlers. . In these instances, moving the feet can create problems in the 3-6-9 spare system. Players should visually target the two, four, or six boards off of the key line in order to pick up spares.

If a player has a strike-line (the yellow line) of 17-10, then that player can deliver the ball two more boards inside in order to knock over the next pin(2-pin for right-handed players, and 3-pin for left-handed players). The 2-4-6 spare system also works for left-handed bowlers. In the 2-4-6 system the feet are not moved opposed to the 3-6-9 system. When using this system for picking up spares, the bowler must be able to bowl on the arrows, and able to bowl on the boards between the arrows. If the player is trying to pick of the 3-pin spare, then the target should be moved two boards to the right.

The 3-6-9 spare system is the most commonly taught system, but the 2-4-6 system may be the most accurate system for picking up spares. All players that use the 2-4-6 system should not move their feet, if they want to pick up their spares effectively. For left-handed bowlers are trying to pick up the 10-pin spare, the target arrow should be moved six boards to the right. A four-board shift in the target will knock over the 4-pin(6-pin for left-handed bowlers), and a six-board adjustment will knock over the 7-pin(10-pin for left-handed bowlers). When players are trying to knock down the six-pin, the target should be moved four boards to the right.

The use of the 2-4-6 system is applicable on all lane conditions, so players don’t have to worry about any problems that might arise when trying to pick up spares. The targets should always be moved, but the feet should remain in the same starting place each time. The starting position will remain the same, but the target will change depending on the spare that must be made. The system is not as widely used as the 3-6-9 spare system, but it is one of the most popular basic spare systems. Sometimes players aren’t able to move their feet because the ball return may be in the way, or the player might be playing on an end-lane, which is near a wall. There are also two aiming targets in the 2-4-6 system; the strike aim and the 10-pin aim, used for all the spare combinations. The left-handed players who start from the far left side of the approach are able to use the 2-4-6 system effectively. The two starting positions in this system are the strike starting position and the 10-pin starting position. Like the 3-6-9 system, players must adjust off the corner-pin line to pick up their spares on the other side of the lane. The spare system can give bowlers many advantages. The 2-4-6 system is not simple, so it is most commonly used by professionals. Also, like the 3-6-9 system players can adjust the movements to fit their own personal bowling style, and create the most accurate way of picking up spare. Using the system can help players become more confident in there “spare-getting” abilities. In this system the feet remain in the same place, and players must visually adjust the target. Two starting positions are used on the approach in the 2-4-6 spare system Going Here

Love Poems | iBuzzle.com

not mine.

If an author can have a favorite of her own work, this is one of mine. You will always be my love.

Ever felt like it, didn’t matter what you told! Someone they still didn’t trust a word you said..? Read comment…

This is about someone I think of all the time.

In my experience, yes love at first sight is possible…

The Victory

This is my feeling expressed, for ‘The One’ (Genevieve) whom I will soon be getting engaged to. This is the first poem I’m posting on Buzzle, and I hope you enjoy! Comment and tell me what you think.

My Feeling – Your Thought

I’ll Never Forget

A struggling relationship trying to make things work, with the odds being against them.

You fill my void, you beauty my world. Please read, comment and hope you like it.

What would you do for you for your love one?

A beautiful girl next door, whose name I don’t know. It’s a poem displaying the dangers of love enjoy.

If I fall will you catch me or will you lay me out to sea?

Beautiful, amazing, truly something unique. Enjoy.

Just a poem, I wrote in English class dedicated to my girlfriend.

Good to You

This poem is dedicated to Dr. If you deeply hurt your lover and they can forgive you, without holding it over you. But when the girl of his prayers came, everything has changed. I hope you all will like it. So I’d like to dedicate this to Coach B. A love that always find reasons to live, to love, and keep falling in love all over again.

Love is a wonderful feeling. Hope you’ve witnessed this experience before.

You Are My Desire

Love is Beautiful

This poem is about a girl that I loved beyond reason a few years back. Without you, I would be without any form for without you, I am nothing but empty.

Why do we become so stupid when we fall in love? Answer in the comments box. who I’m OVER… Blessed are those who find true love in their lives. Read and find out…

If I Fall

Everlasting Love

For my boyfriend who is my whole world even if he doesn’t know it.


Love can’t be defined but it can be described in words through moments of love. Maybe I should just stop this… that I see the beauty…

The ways I have loved him, heart, body, mind, and soul.

I don’t really remember I thought I was in love guess I was dead wrong I wrote this for her before we broke up.

This poem I wrote, is about a girl who has these strong feelings for a guy and she wants to tell him but she is too afraid to see his reaction.

A poem about my beloved whom I don’t know how to explain my feelings too.

I wonder what he would have said… I want to be yours… Here’s to this beautiful feeling called love. In fiction, there are no rules upon truth. I want to move on but for some reason I can’t…

It’s for my crush… I hope you will enjoy this. If only they knew what they are letting go of.

I’ll always be here for you. She cheated on me with someone I believed to be a great friend. I gotta lot on my plate. but yet I still can’t stop thinking about… unsure of what to do, where to go….

Truly Believe

Perfect Boy

Thats Why I Love You

This isn’t a romantic poem although it can be taken that way. He thanks God for this gift…

I Love You Babe

This is about understanding how to love despite the pain.

IT … I want those words to mean something.

Death Saved Me…


Siren Song


Love is Strange

It’s about being with someone you love after death. Please comment.

The River

I don’t want you to treat me like everyone else. For everyone on this earth, it’s a book of experiences that teaches one what love is.

My Queen

People say I’m a poet, a lover and a husband… Thanks. I love you.

Broken Wings


Sometimes I come home and I rant, and I shift the truth because it sounds prettier that way. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Promise Me Forever

Pray Time Again

Poem defines the view of a man in love with his soulmate being thankful to the Creator for what he considers as his destiny to love her. I’m sick without your love. His name is Harrison and he has made me the luckiest girl in the world.

To someone who I fell in love with and with whom I can fall in love with every day for the rest of my life…

I Really Don’t Know Why

In the Shadows

Dreaming Of You

Love in Passing


A love poem I wrote to my girlfriend this evening ~ I love her so very much!

Slow and soft kisses.

This is for Janelle who’s amazing in every single way.

I’ll wait for the day, she is mine again, even if it takes my lifetime. A love that will do anything to conquer pain, barriers, and circumstances. Light with lots and lots of color.

Just Another Night

Escape into oblivion, become something new. Enjoy and comment.


Someday I Hope…

When We’re Apart

I would do anything for love and I would sing any song for my love.

In My Heart

Is She the One?

Let me confess that I really miss you and I will keep on loving you forever.

Your love is the best medicine. haven’t really finished it.

Love is indeed, what you make of ‘IT’.

To Lou my newest addition.

My Protection

Did She Say That?

This is a song I wrote for someone who doesn’t care at all.

More Than A Poet

Love takes on different faces, depending on the angle from which we are viewing it.

A poem of Going Here

Soccer Betting Tips

FC Koln (Home 1st 58%) Germany Bundesliga

15:00 Celta Vs Real Madrid (Over 2.5 61%) Spain Primera Division

18:15 Barcelona Vs Eibar (Home Win 70%) Spain Primera Division

14:30 Bayern Vs 1. Etienne (Home Win 64%) France Ligue 1

14:30 Bayern Vs 1. Over/Under 2.5 Goals

21:00 PSG Vs St. FC Koln (Home Win 68%) Germany Bundesliga


17:00 Bordeaux Vs Troyes (Home Win 65%) France Ligue 1

15:00 Celta Vs Real Madrid (BTTS Yes 61%) Spain Primera Division


14:30 Leverkusen Vs Stuttgart (Home Win 60%) Germany Bundesliga

We provide top betting tips for football matches around the world.

In compiling and posting this top betting tip, a large proportion of the stats and other factors have been taken into consideration.


15:00 Oxford Utd Vs Barnet (Home 1st 58%) England League 2

15:30 Dortmund Vs Augsburg (Home Win 65%) Germany Bundesliga

Team to Score First Goal

15:00 Oxford Utd Vs Barnet (Home Win 65%) England League 2

Home Win Tips

The following betting tip shows the best picks and biggest chances of profit.

Both Teams to Score


SUN 25 OCTOBER 2015 Going Here

Internet Gambling Facts and Problems

Once lured by the money that can be made through such activities, it’s not unnatural for a user to get addicted to this form of gambling. As no government authority regulates online gambling, it can lead to the spread of several illegal practices. Lacking regulation, these sites are vulnerable to attacks by network hackers. There are various Internet gambling companies that offer users the option to play games and gamble online. However, if one is to think about the waste of productive time that online gambling results in, and the other problems that it can lead to, it becomes clear why one should stay away from online gambling or at least restrict the time spent on it.


An excessive exposure to Internet gambling activities can lead to addiction. Internet gambling, as most of us know, is any form of gambling that makes use of the Internet. The lack of regulation makes online gambling a prey to network hackers. It leads to a waste of resources (time and money). But one cannot get lucky every time. And it results in a splurge of money that can rather be utilized for better reasons.

It is commonly believed that there are higher chances of people getting addicted to Internet gambling than to other forms of it. A majority of children and youngsters are attracted to online gambling.. With one’s money involved, there is also a risk of one’s financial or account information being hacked.


Internet gambling lacks a centralized regulation. It can lead to addiction among youngsters. Users can sign up to their websites and bet money through electronic transactions. One of the most important advantages of Internet gambling is that it does not require you to leave your home. Losing big money results in heavy financial losses, which can in turn lead to frustration.

In most members of the European Union and the nations that surround the Caribbean Sea, different forms of Internet gambling are legalized.

Gambling activities that involve online money transactions are a greater risk. In an attempt to win more and more money, one continues staking it, even thoughtlessly at times. Your favorite game is just a few clicks away.

Gamblers seen around the world can be classified under a few basic categories.

For professional gamblers, it is their major source of income. Casual social gamblers engage in gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment. Serious social gamblers involve in gambling with great sincerity and may end up spending huge amounts on it. Some gamblers engage in gambling activities for escaping from the stress in their life. One instance of winning money is sufficient to tempt a user to bet more. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States has proclaimed that the Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting.

In 2004, Google and Yahoo! declared the removal of online gambling advertisements from their websites.

The Internet gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones today. However, there is no evidence to prove this, as casinos and race tracks are a more common and prominent reason behind the rise in money laundering.

One of the major Internet gambling problems is its detrimental effect on society. People who have never gained any exposure to land-based casinos or local bookies find online gambling enjoyable. Online casinos, online poker, online sports betting, among others, are some of the common forms of Internet gambling. In this case, it can lead them to compulsive gambling wherein a person feels compelled to engage in gambling activities for which he/she sacrifices his family and career.

It is said that money-laundering activities are common in case of online gambling. Hackers gain easy access to confidential information of the users.

The problems with Internet gambling mainly include the risk of addiction and that of the emergence and spread of illegal practices in society.

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law of the United States that prohibits the operation of certain kinds of betting practices in the country. A few occurrences of winning good amounts of money is enough to lure him into risking more. For more on this, you must read about the impact of Internet gambling Going Here

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