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Then for Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final, where Premier League rivals Aston Villa take on Liverpool, we have views and comment from both dressing rooms.

Whether you will be at the semi-finals, sat at home watching on BBC One or BT Sport, or down the pub, you can get your hands on the m88 official matchday programme.

Villa boss Tim Sherwood, goalkeeper Shay Given and forward Scott Sinclair are targeting a place back at Wembley on 30 May.

Two places in The FA Cup Final are at stake this weekend as Reading, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Liverpool travel to Wembley hoping to book their spot in the 30 May showpiece.

From the Gunners dug-out, Arsene Wenger is looking for a second FA Cup success in two years, while Olivier Giroud and Gabriel are desperate for victory under the arch.

Reading v Arsenal

The FA Cup Semi-Final

5.20pm, Saturday 18 April 2015

Wembley Stadium connected by EE

Live on BBC One

Meanwhile Reds gaffer Brendan Rogers, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and defender Kolo Toure know they will need to be at their best to reach the Final.

In the programme for the weekend’s first game between Championship outfit Reading and holders Arsenal, hear from Royals chief Steve Clarke, Hal Robson-Kanu and Michael Hector.

And here’s how…

You can buy your copy of Saturday’s programme from Wembley Stadium on Saturday, priced £5, or order online from the England store.

Fans can also download the digital version of the programme directly to your device from the Apple Newsstand, or the audio edition here.

Fans can also download the digital version of the programme directly to your device from the Apple Newsstand, or the audio edition here.

We also learn more about the fascinating story of former Arsenal and Reading legend William Garbutt.

Aston Villa v Liverpool

The man who starred for both sides in the early 20th century before going on to become a manager in Italy - and took charge of some of world football’s most famous clubs.

You can buy Sunday’s programme from Wembley Stadium on Sunday, priced £5, or order online from the England store.

The FA Cup Semi-Final

3pm, Sunday 19 April 2015

Wembley Stadium connected by EE

Live on BT Sport

There’s also a look back at some classic Villa-Liverpool FA Cup encounters down the years.

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Football: REDS IN THE FAST LANE! Premier League football We’re hitting top gear at right time – Crouch.

Eight goals against Besiktas, four again against Porto, three at Newcastle, two against Fulham.

Ferguson said: “Louis’ last full game before the match at Bolton was last December. They have come off the back of a fantastic result, beating Manchester United, and not many teams do that.

“We are unbeaten in the league. We just have to stay focused.”

EURO JOY: Liverpool’s Peter Crouch celebrates his goal with Steven Gerrard during the 4-1 victory over Porto in the Champions League this week

“We did not have the best of starts in Europe but we are still unbeaten in the league, and we have to keep that going.”

He added: “I would say things are really coming together now. We have to remember that when people say we have had a slow start so we have to keep the good form going.”


Crouch said: “It is starting to come good now. In fact, they have lost just two of 22 games this term and are still unbeaten in the Barclays Premier League.

On tomorrow’s task against Gary Megson’s new charges, Crouch said: “Bolton will be tough. If we keep going I am sure we can end the season on a high.

He managed a further 79 minutes against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League in midweek and Ferguson must now decide whether to keep him in his starting line-up as his old club Fulham visit Old Trafford on Monday night, with Wayne Rooney pencilled in for his return.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the m88 copyright holder.

And they return to that competition tomorrow when improving Bolton visit Anfield, aiming to halt the Reds’ march of four straight wins which have yielded 17 goals.

MANCHESTER United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admits he must tread carefully to ensure Louis Saha gets back to 100% fitness.

PETER Crouch believes Liverpool are running into form just at the right time to ensure a glittering second half to the season.

The big striker, who is having to fight hard for every appearance in the club’s forward line, can still enthuse about a run which sees Liverpool unbeaten in seven games. We are confident at the moment so I am sure we will go on to have a strong second half to the season.. All rights reserved.

The French striker has suffered from a series of injury problems since joining the Red Devils from Fulham in January 2004 and played his first 90 minutes for almost a year in the defeat at Bolton last weekend.

“They will be confident and you know they will give 100%. We have to be careful, but he felt great against Sporting and that’s encouraging.”

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Ferguson speaks out against ’39th game’

Ferguson made his opposition public as his team arrived in Japan to play 12bet in FIFA’s Club World Cup.

Ferguson’s team face a fixture backlog after returning home from Japan where they have a semifinal against Asian champions Gamba Osaka on Thursday with the final scheduled for Sunday.

“You look at our domestic program allied to our cup competitions. It is impossible.”

The long-serving manager in the English Premier League cannot see the need for an additional match, citing fixture congestion as the primary reason.

“I think it is mainly the media in Britain who don’t take this tournament as seriously as we do,” he said.

“I don’t think there will ever be a 39th game and I don’t believe there should be,” Ferguson told the Press Association.

However, the United manager was better disposed to Club World Cup, which comes at an awkward time in the English season.

As well as their defense of the Premier League and Champions League titles, United have also reached the semifinals of the League Cup and will begin their FA Cup challenge next month.

Football fans, the chance to have YOUR say on CNN is here!

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has still not abandoned his original plan, due to start in the 2010-11 season, but Ferguson’s opposition is sure to be a formidable obstacle.

Football Fanzone

Premier League officials first floated the idea of a 39th game last spring, with clubs due to face each other in a number of locations around the world.

It was met with widespread opposition in the traditional football community, with many international confederations concerned that hosting Premier League matches would have a negative impact on their own domestic competitions.

Ferguson is firmly opposed to controversial plans for a 39th Premier League game.

Learn about the Gamba Osaka football team who will face Manchester United

(CNN) — Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has come out against the idea of a a 39th Premier League game to be played in Asia.

“I certainly am not in favor of it.

“The nitty gritty is that we could look back in 30 years and say that Manchester United was the world champion and that is what this club is about and that is why it is important for us to win it.”

But recently there have been some conciliatory noises coming out of the Far East, with Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam indicating qualified support.

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Betting Markets Predict Supreme Court Will Strike Down Individual Mandate

And if the market is any indication, the decision is not going to be pretty for the president.

As it stands now, the odds are in Obama’s favor. “We just can’t comprehend the opposition.”

Smithson said Europeans have a “massive interest” in betting on U.S. Romney’s odds stand at 5 to 4, or about 44 percent.

“Being blunt, I think that most Europeans think the U.S. That same $100 bet today would only yield about $140.. Nadex, a Chicago-based stock exchange, tried to establish an exchange for political event stocks, but it was struck down by federal regulators.

From New York to London, traders on the political stock market Intrade are buying stock to predict how the court will rule. As America waits for the Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s health care law, people around the world are gambling more than their health insurance on the court’s decision.

There is a 75 percent chance the court will rule the individual mandate, or requirement that every American buy health insurance, is unconstitutional, according to the Ireland-based market.

Americans looking to tap into the political betting game will have to set their sights overseas. is absolutely mad that it doesn’t have a public health care system,” Smithson said. On March 25, the day before oral arguments began, Intrade put the probability that the court would overturn the mandate at 35 percent. Ladbrokes, a London-based gambling company, has Obama’s odds of winning at 8 to 13, or about 62 percent likelihood that he will be reelected. presidential election in m88 gambling houses and political stock markets throughout the UK, Smithson said.

“The markets are cautiously favorable toward Obama right now, but there is still so much uncertainty,” Strumpf said, noting the unstable economies in both the United States and Europe. “That’s about as big a lead as any candidate could probably have this far out.”

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission ruled in April that “the contracts involve gaming and are contrary to the public interest and cannot be listed or made available for clearing or trading.”

While Obama tends to be more popular in Europe than in the U.S., Smithson said there has been a “very sharp move toward Romney” over the past six weeks.

In early May, if someone had bet $100 that Romney would win, they had the prospect of winning about $220, Smithson said. politics, but few are putting money on the Supreme Court’s decision because there is a “complete lack of appreciation for why it should be so politically contentious.”

In the U.K., on the other hand, gambling on politics is “extraordinarily big business,” said Mike Smithson, a former BBC journalist and founder of

And because the market pulls predictions from a large group of political junkies, financial analysts and people who heavily research the topic, it is probably the “best predictor,” said Koleman Strumpf, professor of business economics at the University of Kansas School of Business, who studies political stock markets.

“Decisions by small groups of people in a closed room are hard to forecast,” Strumpf said, but “this is probably the best forecast.”

Betting on event outcomes such as the Supreme Court ruling and political elections is generally not legal in the U.S., although thousands of Americans use European-based markets to make money off political outcomes, Strumpf said.

In March, before the Supreme Court began hearing the health care challenge, the market was considerably more optimistic that the individual mandate would survive. Within two days of the oral arguments, that probability shot above 60 percent.

World News Videos | US News Videos


So far Europeans have wagered more than 10 million pounds ($1.6 million dollars) on the U.S

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Online Wetten-Convenient and Easy Way to Bet for Sports And Earn Profits

Trust me; once you get a hang of it, you can become quite an expert and can surely win some really good bets. In fact, this betting has given rise to another popular business and that is, bookmaking. In most of the cases, people fun88 bet for the favorite teams. Then you actually need to wager a fixed amount of money on that team or animal. You can sit at home in front of the desktop system, have a cup of coffee and start betting. Internet betting combines sports betting with bookmaking and technology available over the web that makes it possible for a sheer number of people all over the world to take part in events that may be happening in other parts of the world.

Online betting for sports has become quite popular and widespread these days. These wagers are the persons who might be the same as the one you have placed or they might be placed on other teams. Bookmaking is something that helps in bringing the risks involved in betting to a minimum without which betting would become very risky as the betting odds are placed against events which nobody has any control over.


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In order to get a hang of how online sports betting works, it is important to know about the basic concept of sports betting. You can win if you place the right bet or even you can lose also in case you don’t. The basic concept is really not that difficult to understand. The betting of any sports is real fun. This is why it is vital to do your lessons on sports betting before you place the bet.

The World Wide Web has come into picture in online betting for sports and this has led to the increase in popularity of online betting (online wetten). However, like everything else, online betting is something that is also a game of chance. For more info,please visit Online Wetten and Sportwetten Bonus .. And the main thing is that setting up an account is very easy and convenient and you can place the betting odds anytime you want and from anywhere you want.

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Online betting (online wetten) has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent times. Other individuals will too place their own wagers on the team they think will win. Remember, all you have to do is predict which teams or animals, in case of sports involving use of any animals like horse racing, is most likely to win at the game. Hence, there is a possibility of losing a significant amount of money. In case if your team is winning the game, you will win all the money that the others had wrongly wagered or vice versa.

Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, hockey and motorsport. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations. One of the major reasons why it is so popular is simply because it is convenient

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Keeper League or Not Pros and Cons

Sometimes a player spends his whole career on one fantasy team.Bragging rights that can last years.Long-term planning pays off.Keeper League Cons

The disadvantages of a keeper league are also worth considering. Part-time football fans, those who have a passing interest in scores and keeping up with what’s going on in the NFL might not invest enough time to do well in a keeper league. That, combined with a consistent winning record, talent at other positions, and an older, injury-prone starter, made the new star a risky, but worth-the-risk pickup in the 4th round.

The disadvantages really have more to do with time and passion than anything else:

Too much time on a fantasy sport: player-research, live draft, stats every week, injury reports, etc.Players can’t be dropped or picked up on waivers as easily. Take running backs (RB’s) for instance. Keeper Leagues WinKeeper leagues (often called trophy or dynasty leagues) require dedication and long-term planning, and, given that wide receivers (WR’s) often don’t mature until their third or fourth years in the league, a lot of guesswork and luck as well. Those who wouldn’t consider researching things like target stats or defensive matchups week to week probably won’t succeed in a keeper league.. A bad choice likely can’t be erased until the next season.Too much focus on the fantasy draft, not enough on week-to-week play.Turning around a losing team can take years.Fantasy football in any format brings out the addict in most sports enthusiasts, but if something’s going to be done, it might as well be done right. In a keeper league, with a 20-25 man roster limit, he’s probably already on someone’s bench, unavailable for pickup mid-season. A good owner researched that RB’s team, and realized that they’ve been dedicated to the run for a few seasons, and that the offensive line, having just drafted two more experienced linesman, was primed for a huge season. If playing fantasy football can bring friends together, the best way to do it is to play a keeper league.RWC101

So the advantages that come with a keeper league are as follows:

Closer relationship to other “owners” since being part of a keeper league takes a longer commitment.Stronger “relationship” with players, since a core stays on the team for years. Which new running back will become a force this season? In a regular fantasy league, he might be a waiver wire pickup mid-season. Football fans looking for a quick fix won’t find it in a keeper league – they take a lot more time and commitment than other fantasy leagues.Keeper League Pros

A keeper-league team “owner” who doesn’t research his players, coaching strategy, and historic team-performance is a losing owner Going Here

Afghanistan: Live Explosives Removed from Soldier’s Scalp

Antonio Chiocca, chairman of Department of Neurological Surgery at Ohio State University, “his prognosis should be relatively good.”

Unnecessary personnel were immediately evacuated and an explosive ordnance disposal team was summoned in preparation for surgery, Maj. William Carter, a medical technician at the hospital, told the Air Force.

“I saw that it was not solid metal on the inside,” he said. Anthony Terreri, the radiologist at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital who checked the patient’s CAT scan, told the Air Force.

Several patients and personnel had to stay on, however, because they could not be evacuated for medical reasons.

“We had an [operating room] full of trauma cases and we had people in other rooms who were busy taking care of patients and it was really an all-hands-on-deck event.”

Trauma director Bini told the Air Force, “The patient does have a traumatic brain injury but his neurologic condition continues to improve on a daily basis.”

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“The images available on the CT scan shows a depressed skull fracture involving the right front part of the brain,” said Dr.

The 2.5-inch unexploded ordnance became lodged under a portion ofthe patient’s skull during an improvised explosive device attack. But when the patient arrived for treatment, doctors thought it was only a piece of scrap metal, the Air Force reported.

Donning body armor and crossing their fingers, the trauma team at Bagram went to work to remove the ordnance. Col. David Palestrant, director of neurocritical care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Given that the device did not penetrate the brain, added Dr. John Bini, the 455th Expeditionary Medical Group-Task Force Medical East trauma director, told the Air Force.

Risking a deadly explosion in the operating room, doctors at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan surgically removed an explosive device from the head of an Afghan National Army Soldier last month, according to the Air Force News Service.

“It was kind of a case of Murphy’s Law coming into play,” Tech. “I then looked at the [CAT scan] image and could see there was an air gap on one end and what looked almost like the tip of a tube of lipstick at the end and decided this didn’t look quite right.”

The ordnance safely removed, neurosurgery on the patient commenced.

Palestrant said it was fortunate the explosive did not penetrate the soldier’s head deeper than it had, but he added,”The force of the impact can still cause significant injury to brain structures that may not be apparent at first.”. Sgt. Luckily, things went off without a hitch, Bini told the Air Force.

Toddler Survives Chopstick Mishap

“Initially, I thought it was a spent end of some sort of larger round,” Lt Going Here

Pope Benedict XVI To Resign On Feb. 28 Due To Health Concerns

The sovereign, 16 days after being crowned head of the tiny principality where Catholicism is the religion of the state, presented the pope with a small statue of Saint Devote, the patron saint of the principality and of the ruling Grimaldi family. Benedict urged protection for those suffering ‘tragic humanitarian crises’ in Darfur, Sudan, and other parts of Africa, and called for the settlement of ‘dangerous disputes’ in Asia and continued dialogue on the Korean peninsula. AFP PHOTO / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI Makes First Visit To Cuba

HAVANA, CUBA – MARCH 29: Pope Benedict XVI meets with former Cuban President Fidel Castro (L) at the Vatican embassy on March 29, 2012 in Havana, Cuba. The pontiff made his first pastoral visit, to a Rome parish. AFP PHOTO RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

A New Pope Is Elected In The Vatican

VATICAN CITY – APRIL 19: Newly elected Pope Benedict XVI appears on the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica on April 19, 2005 in Vatican City. Peter Square to listen to newly elected Pope Benedictae XVI on April 19, 2005 in Vatican City. This is the first time the Pope has received the new Italian President. (Photo by Carl Court – WPA Pool/Getty Images)


ROME, Italy: TO GO WITH STORY IN FRENCH – ‘Benoit XVI, le pape deconcertant’ – (FILES) Picture taken 19 October 2005 Pope Benedict XVI arriving in St-Peter’s square at the Vatican, to preside over his weekly general audience. AFP PHOTO / FILES / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Benedict XVI

RECROP OF VAT114 – In this photo provided by the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Mons. AFP PHOTO Vincenzo PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Pays A State Visit To The UK - Day 4

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 19: Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands as he leaves Oscott College, the home of the Seminary of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, where he met with the Bishops of England, Scotland and Wales, on September 19, 2010 in Birmingham, England. The mass at Marienfeld park, expected to be attended by 800,000 Roman Catholics, is the culmination of the World Youth Day jamboree, invented two decades ago by the pope’s predecessor John Paul II. Peter’s Basilica to mark the nativity of Jesus Christ. 31, 2011. German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected the 265th Pope and will lead the world’s 1 billion Catholics. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI holds a gift during du

Vatican City, VATICAN CITY STATE: Pope Benedict XVI holds a gift during during a special audience for an Austrian delegation at the Vatican, 17 December 2005. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOPHE SIMON (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI (C) leads the Vesper p

Pope Benedict XVI (C) leads the Vesper prayer with members of Rome’s universities on December 15, 2011 at St Peter’s basilica at The Vatican. 11, 2013. King Abdullah II is on an official visit to the area. (Photo by Eric VANDEVILLE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

In this photo released by Cubadebate, Pope Benedict XVI, right, meets with Cuba’s Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba, Wednesday March 28, 2012. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope April 19, 2005 and has taken the name Benedict XVI. Obama was meeting with The Pope for the first time as President following the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy. AFP PHOTO / DAVID CHESKIN / POOL (Photo credit should read DAVID CHESKIN/AFP/Getty Images)

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L)

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) bids farewell to Pope Benedict XVI at Birmingham International Airport, England, on September 19, 2010, after a four day visit to Britain by the Pope. His Holiness has also met The Queen as well as political and religious representatives during the four day visit. Sheikh Sabah is one of eight world leaders meeting with Pope Benedict XI this month. A woman threw herself at Pope Benedict XVI and dragged him to the ground as he entered St Peter’s Basilica to celebrate Christmas Eve mass. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful duri

Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful during his annual prayer at the Immaculate Conception statue at Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) in Rome on December 8, 2011 on the day dedicated to virgin Mary. AFP PHOTO / ANDREAS SOLARO (Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)


RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT ‘AFP PHOTO / OSSERVATORE ROMANO’ – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano (2nd R) sits flanked by Pope Benedict XVI (C) at a concert by the Orchestra del Maggio Fiorentino, directed by Indian conductor Zubin Metha, to celebrate the 84th Lateran pact’s anniversary on February 4, 2013, at the Sala Nervi in Vatican city. Earlier in the day he beatified Cardinal Newman at an open air mass in Cofton Park. “Another year approaches its end, while we await a new one, with the trepidation, desires and expectations of always,” Benedict said at the traditional New Year’s Eve vespers service, as he delivered his homily from the central altar of St. Cardinal Ratzinger was elected the new Pope on April 19. AFP PHOTO / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

A New Pope Is Elected In The Vatican

VATICAN CITY – APRIL 19: Crowds gather in St. King Abdullah II is on an official visit to the area. AFP PHOTO POOL ARTURO MARI (Photo credit should read ARTURO MARI/AFP/Getty Images)


Pope Benedict XVI (R) and his personal secretary Georg Gaenswein arrive for the weekly general audience on February 06, 2013 at the Paul VI hall at the Vatican. (AP Photo/L’Osservatore Romano, ho)

A New Pope Is Elected In The Vatican

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – APRIL 19: Newly elected Pope Joseph Ratzinger (L) as Benedetto XVI leaves the Sistine Chapel to appear on the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica April 19, 2005 in Vatican City. The 265th Pope will lead the world’s 1 billion Catholics. His Holiness has also met The Queen as well as political and religious representatives during the four day visit. Nicolas Sarkozy will make a visit on October 8, 2010 at the Vatican to meet pope Benoît XVI in order to calm down the misunderstanding caused this summer by the French policy about the Roma community. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano, HO) Going Here

Taiwan Today – Taiwan magician shows off talents in Hollywood

“The elements I adopted include drama, magic, music and Xu’s poetry,” Huang elaborated.

“I was invited perhaps because I have found a special niche for myself,” Huang explained. While it takes six months for most magicians to receive a reply from the prestigious venue, Huang said he was invited to perform within two weeks of sending in his promotional DVD. 1-8 at Magic Castle, the Mecca for professional magicians located in Hollywood, California. .

Taiwan magician shows off talents in Hollywood

Huang, the 2010 Taiwan Magic Convention Grand Prix winner, is to make another professional appearance at the Edinburgh International Festival in August 2015.

Among the audience in Hollywood was Daniel Ulin, editor of Genii, a leading magazine for magicians.

Having studied at National Taiwan University to be an environmental engineer, Huang chose to follow his passion in magic upon graduating.

Taiwan magician Huang Po-han showcased his talents Dec. Ulin promised he would profile Huang in the magazine’s January issue. “It was not just about the skill or the gadgetry, but the support I received.” .

Ending with a flourish by levitating books and casting bookmarkers like snowflakes, Huang’s magic won warm applause and numerous standing ovations during 24 shows in his seven-day stay in the U.S., according to Huang.

He entertained the audience with his eight-minute show by dressing as Xu Zhimo (1897-1931), a Chinese poet renowned in the 1920s. (SSC-MJH)

Write to Taiwan Today at  

“For me, it was an opportunity not only to show off magic from Taiwan, but also to learn from some of the foremost professionals in the business,” the 24-year-old prestidigitator said. “While Western magicians tend to prefer humorous acts and glamorous stage setups, my show incorporates Oriental elements.”

He was, he said, excited to have been invited to the Magic Castle, home of the Academy of Magical Arts Going Here

TV Without Cable: How to Cut the Cord

All Rights Reserved. It might be tough to swallow a monthly fee when you’re trying to save money, but TiVo’s excellent user interface and convenience options, such as Season Pass recording, can make it worth it for heavy TV watchers. That’s why you need to keep track of your purchases and make sure you’re actually using everything you’re paying for. And for just $2 more per month, it may be worth adding on a one-DVD-at-a-time plan that will get you access to newer content via discs sent in the mail.

There are a surprising number of sports options for cord-cutters, although most of them are not cheap.

You can check what kind of TV reception you’re likely to get by visiting AntennaWeb and entering your street address. The site will tell you how far you are from transmitting stations and what channels will come in easily. Choose Streaming Video Services

Last Updated Apr 28, 2011 12:20 PM EDT

At the same time, remember that if you’re able to receive over-the-air HDTV, you’ll get lots of live sports from the major networks. For ease-of-use, the $100 TiVo Premiere is the hands-down best option, although you’ll have to pay $20 a month. Every modern HDTV has a built-in tuner, and in my case, I only needed a $23 indoor antenna to get crystal clear over-the-air HDTV. Consider finding a local bar that carries the games, or sweet-talking a friend who hasn’t cut the cord yet. If you do need to buy a separate box, though, the $99 Roku XDS is a good choice, as its support of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus gives you the most options to stream TV. Aside from the price, the big catch is that all of these services are subject to blackout rules if you’re “in market,” so you often won’t get to see your hometown team play. With the latest improvements in technology and growth in online content, you can disconnect the cable box without giving up TV.

You may already have a device that will let you watch the services mentioned above on your big-screen television — many Blu-ray players and HDTVs sold in the past few years have built-in support for these services, and all the modern game consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii) also support Netflix streaming.

6. Watch Sports Live Online (if You’re Out of Market)

7. But if you don’t want to miss your local team’s home games, then yes — this could be a deal breaker. In my own case, I used to pay more than $100 a month to the cable company; now I pay about half that for a combination of streaming, downloaded, and over-the-air content. (You didn’t think your cable company was going to make this easy, did you?) But with a moderate amount of research and tinkering, you can replicate much of what you’d be getting via your cable subscription for significantly less money. It’s not the most convenient solution, since you’ll have to fuss with a computer connected to your TV instead of simply relaxing on your couch with a remote, but you’ll only need to purchase a cheap HDMI cable to be able to watch any Internet video that’s available via your browser, including old episodes of Star Trek. Last year, for example, I was able to watch every episode of season four of Mad Men (this was before the deal with Netflix) on Amazon Instant Video the day after it aired. in Geek, and it can save you real money.

More on MoneyWatch:

2. To get access to shows on those cable channels, you’ll need to consider streaming and on-demand video services, which brings us to steps 2 and 3.. And if you’re lucky enough to be a fan of a team that gets regular national coverage (yes, we’re talking about you, Yankees and Lakers fans), you might not be in such bad shape. (For more on connecting your TV to a video service, see item 4, below.) In the past, much of Netflix’s streaming catalog consisted of older movies and TV shows, but the selection has been improving rapidly, including a recently announced deal to make available every episode of AMC’s Mad Men.

If you don’t want to buy another box and are willing to put up with a little hassle, you can connect a laptop directly to your TV. I already had a lot of the hardware I needed and am not a particularly heavy TV watcher, so I spend about $50 a month on digital video content, less than half what I had been paying for digital cable. Episodes usually cost about $2 for standard definition and $3 for high def, and since you’re actually purchasing the shows (rather than renting them), you can go back and watch them any time you like.

Many people are shocked when they find out they can receive free high definition TV from major TV networks simply by connecting a basic over-the-air antenna. (And if you’re looking to justify your own monthly cable habit, check out my colleague David Katzmaier’s unsuccessful cable-cutting experiment).


Once you add up all the subscription fees, new hardware costs, and video on-demand purchases, cutting the cord can be as expensive as having cable — if you’re not careful. My personal situation is close to a best-case scenario. Of course, even if you get great reception, you’re still only going to get access to the major network channels, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, as well as PBS and regional channels. Make Sure You’re Not Spending More Without Cable

Despite the challenges, cutting the cord doesn’t require a Ph.D. You can watch TV shows on on your computer, but Hulu Plus has the advantage of being easily viewable on your television and/or mobile device; it’s also available in HD and has more comprehensive content. Hulu Plus costs $8 a month and gives you full-season access to popular shows such as “Modern Family” and “30 Rock,” Going Here

Innovation Will Pave Way For Daily Fantasy Sports Growth

The wisdom of the crowd — incentivized by real money — was incredibly accurate. We can talk this talk.

I predict that sports betting will become legal in the U.S., and fantasy sports operators will quickly morph into the sports betting business. They seemingly have critical mass. Increase player bankroll exposures. And it’s becoming routine to afford mobile competency. They’ll both catch up to their unicorn valuations. FanDuel was the first site to figure out how to generate some real revenue with DFS. Fantasy is capturing the betting limelight (and traffic) now by default. They shouldn’t only rely on rosters and stats. Traffic will. I’m not staying friends with you if I always lose money to you, bro.

What does the future hold for the DFS market?

FanDuel, DraftKings and other DFS sites exist only because of legal interpretation. (Note: Poker leader Amaya, parent company of PokerStars is a profitable $4 billion company.) FD and DK should eventually pay back investors (although DraftKings might be more up in the air after not closing reported investment deals.)

So what’s missing from the picture of the future of DFS?

OK, credentials first. There’s not much room for more than five; just look at the online casino and poker industry.

Sports betting and fantasy

New formats are needed

Today, daily fantasy sports is getting plenty of attention. A look at the past of DFS

Do “social” and “mobile” matter?

But the new games must continue to maintain relevance to the fan base. We closed the site in 2013 for a myriad of reasons, but at its peak, Intrade was receiving 50 million hits a month from 2 million “uniques”.  That’s pretty decent. And there’s always the possibility of someone new under the radar. It’s a slim and confusing window of legality, but it’s there.

The public wants DFS. The government shouldn’t be restricting legal fantasy sports, sports betting, or any of our personal liberties.

Mobile matters, but not that much. Grind it. Betting on sports is a 10X business compared to fantasy sports. sports. But hopefully just the right amount.

Pretty much every new DFS entrant says “we don’t compete with FanDuel or Draft Kings.” And newbies shouldn’t try. But now what?

Other sites entering the market

Here’s a look at what I think is going to happen, moving forward, for DFS:. Used to.

At the time, Yahoo, CBS Sports and a few other niche sites already “owned” the traditional season-long fantasy space. Race at all cost for first-mover advantage.

FanDuel and DraftKings

But the current claims of uniqueness by the new sites just don’t ring true. It’s actually the only legal thing for online sports bettors in the U.S. Originally, Tradesports was a person-to-person betting exchange that competed with U.K.-based (now by far the largest P2P betting exchange, but off limits to U.S. players) trading from 2003 until 2008.  Tradesports had mostly U.S. We suffer to win.

Two things: Innovation and legal clarity.

DFS needs games that are more accessible to more players and games that are easier to play. We definitely don’t want another Black Friday, but pandering won’t prevent that.

“Social” won’t matter that much to the business model. The value prop isn’t there unless you are an absolutely amazing marketer.

As an industry, we have to stop hiding behind old UIGEA “technical” definitions and uncertain permissions, or interpretations, that very few politicos vocally support — even though the threat of change looms large. daily fantasy sports, and then a “seat at the table” for a long-term run. News has been reported about Amaya and Yahoo already. Of course the effort should always be made for a great user experience, but fantasy sports is somewhat like online stock trading. It needs to embrace sports fans and not just stat grinders. But this is the era of disruption. Even the FSTA wants to keep the definition of fantasy sports very “tight”.

Daily fantasy is mostly self-regulated, as it should be. Better than others, but not great. A lot of information should be reviewed before trading, and even Schwab’s mobile app isn’t all that great. If given a choice, more people would want to (and are more “qualified” to) bet on sports than grind in a statistics-based fantasy contest. We might seem like we’re in stealth mode, but we’ve been at it for a year. I flipped baseball cards 40 years ago in the playground.  And I used to know all the stats. They should rely on fandom and fan passion.

The success and explosive growth of daily fantasy sports is undeniable over the last few years.  Latest industry reports have indicated that there are now more than 50 million fantasy players in North America, and a growing number of them are playing DFS.

There is a lot of interest in the space from big potential players still on the sidelines. Clarifying the legal position in the U.S. New models decapitate old models. Our team operated the world’s leading prediction market,, from 2001 until 2013. There will be legal “clarifications”. “Black Friday” changed the world for Tradesports and our 200,000 customers. Some people figured out there was a legal loophole via the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, passed in 2006, that would allow for daily fantasy sports for real money. customers and focused mostly on U.S. Both will eventually make money. And let’s face it, if you’re not a stat grinder; you’re just lucky when you win.

Legal clarity is needed

Unfortunately, if I were a betting man, I’d say at some point DFS will no longer be self-regulated.  The stakes are getting too high. It’s the same game. We have some experience helping the world predict the future. More official clarity will help. So what has to happen in the medium term and in the long run to sustain and grow a healthy industry?

It’s likely that market leaders FanDuel and DraftKings will be very good businesses in the long run. will help move that money from the outside Going Here

Unibet Casino Games – Provides Real Excitement and The Biggest Jackpots on The Net

Live dealer games comprise of baccarat, blackjack and roulette while there are several variations of blackjack, baccarat, craps, keno, war and many more.

You get safe and secure banking options at Unibet and can deposit in their account using VISA, Electron, Master Card, Maestro, Laser, Moneybookers, NETeller, PayPal, Click2Pay, Ukash, Paysafe Card and bank transfer.

Unibet brand that provides online poker , on line sports betting and bingo, also has Unibet Casino. Other games with innovative features are “Avalanche Reels” and “Dallas” slots game. It is among the largest in Europe, offering most classic casino games, and is reputed for fairness, honesty and safety. All games are designed with a high payout in mind in the range of 95-98 percent, that minimizes the house edge. This network of software develops; individual casinos and poker rooms provide an absolutely fair and transparent gaining platform with a high reputation for integrity.. You just go to the website, choose the game you like and within seconds, you will be enjoying your favorite game. Alternatively, you have stones falling on the screen to make up the reels.

Unibet welcomes new players with a EUR100 free bonus. However, your bonus is forfeited if you decide to withdraw your original deposit when the wager requirements have not been fulfilled. They are known for frequently expanding their game’s catalogue that provides real excitement and the biggest jackpots on the Net. It’s unlike any other online video slots, being in 3D where the reels don’t spin. Their ‘Mega-Fortune’ slots game has already accrued more than EUR8.5 million.

Unibet Casino has an excellent selection of more than 50 slot machines that include Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune progressive jackpots and the brand-new Hall of God’s progressive slot. The BonusBonusBonus Calculatem pro review can also help you to progress in your efforts of making money in gaming.

The games at Unibet Casino are in flash mode, meaning you don’t have to download or install anything for playing. All the money that you transfer from your personal account to the casino gets doubled instantly. The requirement is 50 times the bonus amount. A few of the other slots at Unibet Casino are Boom Brothers, Devil’s Delight, Gonzo’s Quest, Hot City, and Dallas, which is based on the popular TV show from the 80s. In case your bonus is EUR50, you can’t withdraw the bonus amount until you bet a minimum of EUR2500.

Calculatem pro is a software which can help you in on line and off-line poker in an intrusive and easily understandable way. The latter is really unique and is sure to bring back your childhood memories of JR Ewing and Southfork Ranch, the classic US soap-opera.

Their most interesting slot game is ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ that has stunning 3D graphics and easy playability. The software provider also helps the casinos to obtain the required licenses. In games like Texas, Holdem if you jest to provide the basic data to the Calculatem pro, it provides you with very useful inputs to help your game. Players are free to choose from card games, table games, live dealer games, jackpot games, slots, video poker and specialty games. So, it is set to beat the preceding online casino progressive jackpot record amounting to EUR6.3 million and set a fresh world record! Unibet casino employs Net Entertainment, an award-winning software provider, that was of late declared as the winner of the ‘Innovation in Casino Software’ at the annual gaming awards in London.

Individual providers adopt a particular software supplier and from a potent gaming network, it provides all the casinos in the group with the diverse playing option that their require Going Here

Are Lottery Systems A Scam

When they have a MegaBall Jackpot, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning three times than winning the Jackpot.

Many people honestly think that someone is going to sell them a system to win the lottery for $29.95? That’s a samall amount compared to what you can win playing the lottery. This sounds great in theory, but does it work?

Richard’s articles can be found on with the keyword lottery system

Remember that the odds of winning, for example, the MegaBall jackpot is very remote. Besides, lottery equipment is probably the most tested, watched and inspected machinery in the world. In addition, the people selling these state lottery systems also have you believe that the lottery equipment is not always working properly. Especially, when you consider that most state lottories today have millions riding on the outcome. I don’t like those odds.

Article Directory:

About the author:

Richard provides articles and information about gambling on his site at

. Thus, my question is do you really expect to win the lottery playing one of these systems? Hopefully, I will give you my opinion in this article.

If winning the lottery was just a matter of mathematics and simple number tracking, don’t you think that every mathematician would have won it? The lottery is more than statistics, it plain simple luck in my opinion.

Yet, many people buy lottery systems in the hope of winning the big one!

By: bleuze

The legalization of the lottery has we know it today occurred about 20 years ago. You can bet they are going to make sure that everything is working properly.

All the lottery systems work this way: The systems have you track the numbers that have come up over the last six months and have you play the numbers that came up the most.

People selling these systems would have you believe that certain balls in the hopper are going to come up more often. Since then, people started selling systems to show you how to beat it. That may be true, but the problem is that the variances are extremely small Going Here

Important Things in Life we don’t always learn at an early age.

Without winning the lottery or robbing a bank there is very little to offer in the way of get rich quick schemes. I believe this is not taught to keep the masses in ignorance but what do I know? This is where the experts have been found wanting and it then makes me wonder whether they are as expert as we have been led to believe. The job was completed at the right price and the house now both looks better and keeps us warmer in the winter. He works through his website writing a Daily Blog and creating daily podcasts@

One of my best contacts was a man who sold me my second-hand cars. Many headaches are caused by a lack of water. Look at the medical giants who make fortunes because we get ill. He has a Certificate in Education and Diplomas in Journalism and Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. It’s the ones who try to make a fast buck that spoil sales reputations. He has a Bachelor in Arts degree after studying Recreation and the Community and a Philosophy in Education Degree with special reference to Student Centred Learning. Swimming, Walking and Jogging are amongst the best ways to stay fit. I have no vested interest and only wish others to feel healthy and enjoy their lives. Decide to look at the foods that will help you maintain the best life. Too many people see a bottle of lemonade or a can of Cola as the quick fix for thirst. It is probably best to come to terms with this fact as quickly as possible and then look at how well off we in the west live compared with many others. I recommend looking at the Gracie Diet. You don’t need to involve others in this activity unless you feel the need to do so.

. It is possible to use your walking time as thinking time and derive great benefits in two ways. Walking is not just a question of the energy spent. Keep your mind active and use the television in an active way rather than passive.

Author’s Bio: 

As intimated earlier you are not encouraged to think that switching off the television is good for you. It was expensive but it was a priority for me. There is nothing better in life than to be a respectable, responsible sales person who sells good products ethically. It’s very difficult to offer any advice with finance at this moment in time as everything is so precarious.

I try not to take medicines and will only take a pill for a headache as a last resort. A good piece of advice is cut down on TV time and spend more time enjoying what you have especially if you enjoy good health.

Firstly, we are not really educated into looking properly at the food we eat. I felt he looked after me impeccably and, of course, he had to make his money whilst looking after me.

I bought life insurance to look after my family in the event of my death. The guys who came to do the job were first-class. My point is that these sales people have made life better for my family and myself and those who decry sales personnel gave me wrong information.

At school we were not given any insight into investments and banking intricacies. Water might not be the best taste but it is good for us.

Whatever your activity might be keep active and stay fit. I use the Gracie principles but do not have it as a dogma. A healthy body and a healthy mind go together. We usually don’t get enough information on the amount of water we should drink and why it is necessary to keep hydrated early enough in life. There is nothing better in life than to know you have spent your money wisely and the sales professional has looked after you well.

Most people aren’t told that a small number of people in every country are extremely rich and the greater number stay out of their riches. Maybe it’s just better to buy the odd lottery ticket and enjoy whatever small gains might come your way.

Vince works a Teacher, Broadcaster and Podcaster with a great presence on the web. Water is not free usually but is within the reach of most people. I take the general advice and live a normal life around this lifestyle.

When I was growing up in England we were always told that the worst jobs were in selling and especially Cars, Life Insurance and Double Glazing. Nothing in life is worth a bean until it is sold so let’s put selling to bed immediately. We recently had a double glazing update to our house. There are vested interests in us eating the wrong foods. Remember there is an ‘off’ switch.If there is a quiz game then have a piece of paper and a pen and see how well you can answer the questions for yourself Going Here

Carnival Corporation Launches Shipboard Mobile Gaming Solution For Mid-Cruise Wagering Powered By Scientific Games | Reuters

23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Carnival Corporation plc, the world’s largest travel and leisure company, is using the award-winning iGaming Mobile Platform from Scientific Games to offer its adult guests the ability to wager on their mobile devices throughout its ships while in international waters. Carnival Corporation plc also operates Holland America Princess Alaska Tours, the leading tour companies in Alaska and the Canadian Yukon. This relationship expands the reach of our mobile wagering platform and enables Carnival to engage with their guests in a whole new way by offering a world-class gaming experience that adds more thrills to their vacation at sea.”

The game offerings available on Carnival’s Mobile Casino include a host of best-in-class poker, slot, and table-game content from Scientific Games’ Bally® product line, Las Vegas From Home, Play’n GO and PokerTek. 23, 2015

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

“We’re excited to partner with Scientific Games and our content providers to offer our guests a new and thrilling entertainment option that will enhance their experience aboard our ships,” said Marty Goldman, senior vice president of global casino operations for Carnival Corporation.

Together, these brands operate 100 ships totaling 212,000 lower berths with eight new ships scheduled to be delivered between 2015 and 2018. For the first time, we’re bringing the casino to our guests so they can play their favorite games on their mobile devices when they are lounging by the pool, relaxing in their rooms, or anywhere else onboard.”

PR Newswire

Jordan Levin, president of interactive at Scientific Games said: “We are thrilled that Carnival Corporation chose our mobile wagering solution for its cruise ships. Traded on both the New York (NYSE: CCL) and London Stock Exchanges (LSE: CCL), Carnival Corporation plc is the only group in the world to be included in both the SP 500 and the FTSE 100 indices.  Additional information can be found on,,,,,,,, and

About Carnival Corporation plc

Carnival Corporation plc is the largest cruise company in the world, with a portfolio of cruise brands in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, comprised of Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn, AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, PO Cruises (Australia) and PO Cruises (UK).

MIAMI and NEW YORK, Jan. If you’ve forgotten to download before you sail, the game content may also be accessed from onboard by visiting

SOURCE Carnival Corporation plc. “Scientific Games is a leader in the mobile gaming space and offered the best solution for our needs.


The service is already in successful operation on the Carnival Breeze and the Carnival Freedom from the company’s Carnival Cruise Line brand and will be launched shortly on the Regal Princess from the company’s Princess Cruises brand, with additional installations pending for the Holland America Line, PO Cruises (UK) and AIDA Cruises brands. The mobile gaming application is available for download before your cruise in the App Store for iOS® devices, and on Google Play for Android® devices Going Here

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