Understanding the art of Chinese Calligraphy at the Asian Art Museum – San Francisco Museum

” title=”Forty works were selected by the curators of the show, Michael Knight and Joseph Chang. But as an adult, he rediscovered Chinese calligraphy as a “journey of discovery, inspiration, and fulfillment.”

“Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy,” is the first major exhibition of Chinese calligraphy in the U.S. Of the 40, about 15 are considered “Featured Works,” which are important, significant, or monumental works by the artist. Non-Chinese viewers may have a sense of what Chinese calligraphy feels and looks like, but not a clear idea of where it comes from or the layers of meaning behind each symbol.

Therefore, “Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy,” an exhibition of forty masterpieces chosen from the collection of Bay Area entrepreneur Jerry Yang, is a welcome look at this magnificent art form, still practiced by millions of people.

“The sutra on the Lotus of the Sublime Dharma,” by 13th century calligrapher Zhan Mengfu is one of the oldest examples in the show. There are a number of paintings by Western painters whose works have been influenced by Asian calligraphy – Franz Kline, Mark Tobey and Bice Marsden.. to 5 p.m. 13

Tickets: $8 to $12

Contact: (415) 581-3500, www.asianart.org

Forty works were selected by the curators of the show, Michael Knight and Joseph Chang. To become a calligrapher meant that the practitioner underwent a rigorous training, which enabled him (or sometimes her) to wield the brush with sensitivity and control. After its presentation at the Asian Art Museum, the exhibition is scheduled to tour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in 2014.

Divided into three different sections, the show leads the viewer through origins, methods and materials to a modern interpretation via an animated piece by living master Xy Bing. These 15 works will be shown in their entirety, in innovative ways so that people can view them in a contemporary and accessible way.

Over a thousand years ago, Zhao Mengfu (the man who penned the sutra on the lotus,) wrote:

Up until now there has been little to help the Western public to understand Chinese calligraphy, beyond appreciating it as an abstract art form. since 1999. Tuesdays-Sundays; closes Jan. The calligrapher Ts’ai Yuan, writing in the later Han dynasty, advises the calligrapher to wait for the inevitable moment by releasing his thoughts before starting to write.

“The unique mix presented in “Out of Character” — classic calligraphies complemented by modern and new works — offers a framework for understanding that within these constraints, creativity and self-expression remained the goals of the calligrapher.”

“Through the centuries, a complex set of rules and conventions evolved in this art form, governing scripts, styles, formats, content, and context, and impacting every aspect of the Chinese calligrapher’s practice,” said Jay Xu, director of the Asian Art Museum.

Jerry Yang said that as a child, he had no patience for the rituals of calligraphy – grinding ink, the endless practice, the never-ending discipline. The careful viewer will leave the show with a deeper understanding of the historical and spiritual dimensions of this ancient, but still living, form of writing.

As curator Michael Knight pointed out, a good calligrapher was judged to be a paragon of scholarship, sensibility and taste. One room features an impressive curved wall on which all 85 pages of a large album can be viewed at once. “/>

Nobody will be joking when they view the show. Technology interested him, not what he saw as the arcane and useless study of the past. The collection is stunning, magnificent and insightful, a revelation to all who view it.

Where: Asian Art Museum, 200 Larkin Street, S.F.

When: 10 a.m. The calligraphy changes from dynasty to dynasty and era to era and calligrapher to calligrapher, just as Western calligraphy changed from Gothic to Humanistic cursive to Spenserian over the course of several hundred years.

Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo and Xu Bing, living master of Chinese Calligraphy

@Asian Art Museum

“Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy” is on view at the museum through January 13, 2013.

In the current show at the Asian, calligraphy is presented in such a way as to illuminate those three perfections. To be a poor calligrapher reflected a poor character. There’s a hanging scroll that is taller than the gallery and crawls onto the ceiling. With over 10,000 characters, it is a testament to the absolute control, concentration and endurance of the calligrapher.

For the CEO of Yahoo, it must have been a revelation to realize that art made from the simplest low tech materials was capable of expressing the highest thoughts of the human mind and spirit.

In his book of the same name, Michael Sullivan named Chinese painting, poetry and calligraphy as the “three perfections” of Chinese culture.

“I’m gap-toothed and bald-headed at sixty-three.

And everything in my life should make me feel ashamed.

Only my passion for the products of brush and ink remains -

I’ll leave them behind to give the world something to joke about.”

Long cases allow scrolls to be entirely unrolled. @Asian Art Museum

Forty works were selected by the curators of the show, Michael Knight and Joseph Chang</p>
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Ferguson speaks out against ’39th game’

Ferguson made his opposition public as his team arrived in Japan to play in FIFA’s Club World Cup.

Ferguson’s team face a fixture backlog after returning home from Japan where they have a semifinal against Asian champions Gamba Osaka on Thursday with the final scheduled for Sunday.

“You look at our domestic program allied to our cup competitions. It is impossible.”

The long-serving manager in the English Premier League cannot see the need for an additional match, citing fixture congestion as the primary reason.

“I think it is mainly the media in Britain who don’t take this tournament as seriously as we do,” he said.

“I don’t think there will ever be a 39th game and I don’t believe there should be,” Ferguson told the Press Association.

However, the United manager was better disposed to Club World Cup, which comes at an awkward time in the English season.

As well as their defense of the Premier League and Champions League titles, United have also reached the semifinals of the League Cup and will begin their FA Cup challenge next month.

Football fans, the chance to have YOUR say on CNN is here!

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has still not abandoned his original plan, due to start in the 2010-11 season, but Ferguson’s opposition is sure to be a formidable obstacle.

Football Fanzone

Premier League officials first floated the idea of a 39th game last spring, with clubs due to face each other in a number of locations around the world.

It was met with widespread opposition in the traditional football community, with many international confederations concerned that hosting Premier League matches would have a negative impact on their own domestic competitions.

Ferguson is firmly opposed to controversial plans for a 39th Premier League game.

Learn about the Gamba Osaka football team who will face Manchester United

(CNN) — Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has come out against the idea of a a 39th Premier League game to be played in Asia.

“I certainly am not in favor of it.

“The nitty gritty is that we could look back in 30 years and say that Manchester United was the world champion and that is what this club is about and that is why it is important for us to win it.”

But recently there have been some conciliatory noises coming out of the Far East, with Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam indicating qualified support.

Does the blackjack chart work for online casinos?

There are 2 things I can promise if you play blackjack long enough:

Those Blackjack charts are called “Basic Strategy”. Final word specifically in regards to these on-line casinos – These websites were set up and created for ONE REASON ONLY – that is to TAKE your money, not to give you any. Only a fool believes otherwise.

#1 – You WILL WIN sometimes! It’s always more fun when you win.

Understand one thing above all else – Even if you play Basic Strategy PERFECTLY, the casino still has an edge over the player! The only thing that playing perfectly will do for you is to allow you to lose less money than if you did not play perfectly. As long as you got the chart from a reliable source, Basic Strategy is the mathematically best way to play any hand of Blackjack.

Yes, you would see the dealer’s up card. No matter how perfectly you play, in the long run, the casino WILL have your money.. Yes, you could then use a chart to show you the best way to play the hand.

#2 – You WILL LOSE more money than you ever win

Can Michael Owen Restore Himself As Englands Top Man?

This was compounded by the fact Rooney and Owen were returning from injury and Theo Walcott had never played a first team game for Arsenal.

But he returned to Liverpool Football Club a national hero and England had found a striker whose presence on the field could spark fear into the heart of the opposition.

England fans everywhere will be wishing Owen a speedy and successful recovery. The arrival of Raphael Benitez as new Liverpool FC manager triggered a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid and a linkup with England colleague David Beckham.

Michael Owens twisted knee and subsequent World Cup exit, coming only weeks after recuperating from a previous injury was not only a personal set-back, but also ultimately a fatal blow to Englands World Cup hopes.

Sven-Goran Erikssons nonsensical squad selections for the World Cup left England not only light in the striker department, but also seriously comprised our chances of a successful tournament.

Only time will tell if Michael Owen can return to top form and fulfil the potential he showed as a young lad. England fans everywhere will be keeping their fingers crossed.

As a young eighteen-year-old, Owen scored a sensational solo goal against Argentina in the second round only for England to lose once again on penalties.

With only four strikers to choose from Eriksson always knew he was playing a dangerous game. He took an unnecessary risk, overloading his squad with midfielders, assuming the goals would be shared amongst the team.

About the Author:

For the latest news and opinion on English football visit http://www.sargas.co.uk

Despite a relatively successful season he was sold to Newcastle United where his appearances have been blighted by injury.

Michael Owen became an overnight sensation one humid evening in St Etienne during the France World Cup of 1998.. England arent blessed with many quality forwards at the moment and Owens restoration is vital for their assault on the European Championships in 2008.

But Owens injury will have hurt Eriksson

How to Bet Online in America: Can You? – Louisville Pop Culture

America is in an ongoing legal battle with the country of Antigua because the US will not comply with former international agreements stating that online gambling will be legal in America. In the past, online gambling websites available to Americans did not always follow the rules.

Events like the FIFA World Cup tournament, March Madness brackets, and the Kentucky Derby have bettors around the world captivated. In working to develop the sports betting review site, NFL-Online-Betting.com, I often wonder if people like me in the United States are able to bet online at all.

When you search online for the laws on internet gambling, you find that the official information is rather vague. Nevertheless, each state is entitled to choose which types of gambling will be available for their citizens with few Federal laws to override them. According to the website, you need to access betting legality information for the specific state you live in from your state gaming commission. For example, in the state of Washington, all forms of gambling on sports are illegal with the exception of pool halls. In the city of Hamden, a large-scale sports bookmaking scheme helped bettors place online sports wagers with websites that were operating offshore gambling. Even if you have brushed up on gambling laws in the past few years, new American online gambling updates might surprise you. Because of Federal regulations, horse betting is usually a protected form of gambling that online users in most states can access. In particular, the United States provides an FAQ website for the general public called Answers.USA.gov that covers the topic of gambling legality. Prevalent illegal wagering includes sports bracket betting or gambling on the Super Bowl with friends. If you are a patron of a legal or illegal gambling operation online or offline, you are still required to report it. Despite all the confusion, sports betting online for Americans is easy to navigate for beginners due to one simple internet feature.

Although America has several online betting contradictions, there is one surefire way to know if you are eligible to bet online.

What about NBA, MLB, NFL, or MMA betting online?

Currently, gambling reform is moving in a lenient direction, and there are several organizations that want to legalize online betting on all types of sports. On the other hand, the government website also states that online gambling on tribal lands differs. But what about betting on team sports or the Olympics? While there are Native American territory online betting loopholes, the Federal government is reluctant to allow wagers to be placed on team sporting events. Breakthroughs in relaxing gambling laws is coming from individual states that want to assert their right to tax betting wins. This is why you need to submit information about your address when you log on as a new user. Mainly, the history of gambling in America grew very dark in the early 1900′s due to wagering on team sports. The IRS website clearly states that, “Whether you roll the dice, play cards or bet on the ponies, all your winnings are taxable.”

In the end, even with a bit of research, you may still have difficulty figuring out if you are eligible to place bets online in your state. Throughout the 1900′s, lawmakers continued to be reluctant to legalize new forms of gambling.

When it comes to gambling offline in America, the casinos, lottery tickets and raffles will always be the most common legal options. Along with pressure from individuals states like New Jersey, the United States may also be forced to legalize gambling because of Antigua. Nonetheless, their website clearly states that betting on horses is perfectly legal for Washington State residents.

Thankfully, newer online betting websites make their money by screening users and following state laws without being told what to do by lawmakers.

America’s common legal gambling options

How do you know if online sports gambling is legal for you?

The IRS taxes illegal and legal gambling wins

Casinos are showing up all over America, and horse racing is a common sports betting opportunity. However, there is a simple fail-safe in place online. The penalties under the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act for operating an illegal gambling business include up to 20 years in jail.

The official rules on gambling from the FBI

Eventually, laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Protection Act will be reformed. Simply put, if you cannot access a betting website, it is probably blocked by your internet service provider and therefore illegal in your area. In some cases, certain types of gambling are prohibited by Federal law while others are permitted. Although significant international attention has been placed on betting across borders, Americans often do not understand if they are allowed to place online bets for national or international sporting events. For instance, horse racing is usually legal in all 50 states due to Federal laws, but Federal regulations are strict about lottery tickets being purchased online.

While users of illegal gambling websites typically are not prosecuted, you can still get in trouble if you do not pay taxes on your winnings. In other words, the casual observer could easily conclude that there is no simple list of straightforward laws when it comes to gambling online in the United States.

Did you know that you do not need a local horse racing track in your state to bet on horses? Even if your state says that they generally prohibit gambling, there may be exceptions for placing a bet on horses online. For now, American online sports bettors that are interested in placing bets on the NBA, soccer, NHL, MLB or NFL will have to stay content with online games and betting on horses.

Online horse betting is the top legal choice

Unfortunately, unlike Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, America is a mixed bag of confusing laws when it comes to the topic of online gambling. Some also require that you use a credit card issued to your current address.

In February 2014, Connecticut courts prosecuted an illegal online sports betting website. This decision to violate the international agreement has cost Antigua millions in lost American revenue.. In particular, New Jersey is leading the way by taking the nationwide pro-internet gambling issue all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary

EPL Fantasy Football: Week 3 Recommendations

Nobody up front picked up more than a single goal except for Jovetic, and no other defenders scored. Aside from two away matches in three weeks against Arsenal and Manchester City, Tottenham have a favorable schedule until at least late November, as things look right now.

Coleman (Everton)–Scored a goal with a lovely back-post header against Arsenal. Goal and clean sheet.

Dier (Tottenham)–A goal and a clean sheet. Some leagues give a point clean sheet bonus from midfield, which allows Dyer to take a slot here over other midfield scorers.

Adebayor (Tottenham)–A goal and an assist from the Spurs forward against a poor QPR side.

Chadli (Tottenham)–My player of the week, with two goals from midfield. Of the seven, Courtois had the most to do, making four saves; in most leagues, that is enough to earn an extra point or two, and gives the Belgian the edge this week.

Dyer (Swansea)–A goal from midfield. His partnership with Eriksen is quite lively early in the season.

Shawcross (Stoke)–The quickest way onto this list is to score a goal as a defender. Jovetic was easily the Man of the Match in the victory over Liverpool.

Lamela (Tottenham)–Assisted on two of Spurs’ four goals. Looking a credible threat after a difficult first season in England. Hey, didn’t this happen last week as well? The young Englishman’s performances in the first two games have made him pretty much undroppable for Spurs. A player to watch if he transfers elsewhere, but a risky pick while at Tottenham due to squad rotation.


Courtois (Chelsea)–There were a total of seven clean sheets in this round of fixtures, so there is not a lot to separate the keepers. Since assists count the same no matter the position, and a hatful of other midfielders scored goals, I’ll give the last place in the team to Downing, who scored in his team’s away win at Crystal Palace. Everton shipped two late goals, but the lack of scoring defenders elsewhere put Coleman in the team.


Midfield. The assist gives Adebayor the nod over any of the other forwards with goals.

Jovetic (Manchester City)–Two goals from a striker will land him here almost every week. Shawcross did just that, giving his team at least the one point from a match they probably should have won.


Downing (West Ham)–Here’s where it’s a tight pick. None of the other options here won their matches, so the occasional England man gets the advantage.

Hazard (Chelsea)–See above

Investing – Smart or Seduced?

Since this is all public information, you can see that the two franchisees aren’t particularly profitable and the LLC structure means that, if they go under, the partnership owns some empty buildings. No one had the incentive to sell me this partnership and, at a total partnership value of $11 million, this market is far from efficient.

A unique finding

In the midst of all these huge REITs were listings for a security called the DiVall Insured Income Properties 2 L.P. I was so intrigued that I bought more than my gambling portfolio rules would allow.

As Jason Zweig might say, you were thinking with your reflexive brain and shut me, your reflective brain, out of the decision process. It’s not like stand alone fast food buildings can easily be converted to other uses.

Was I smart to be flexible with my own rules, or was I seduced by greed? What follows is the debate between my two brains.. © 2010 CBS Interactive Inc.. Unlike the investor relations groups of the billion dollar REITs, Provo seemed quite engaged and knowledgeable on the business. This didn’t happen with the big private REITs.

Putting a little gambling money in was fine, but getting greedy and buying more than your gambling portfolio allows goes against so many of your blogs. All Rights Reserved.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment.

My defensive brain talks

I know there is no such thing as a safe investment yielding nine percent, but I think I made a reasonable move. He also pointed out the risks of such an investment noting that one of the 15 small properties had now become more of a liability than an asset. Provo was appointed as receiver by the Wisconsin Division of Securities and later voted by the limited partners to take over as a general partner. Your six percent CDs are maturing and you are yield-chasing in a desperate attempt to find replacement income.

Last Updated Oct 2, 2010 11:33 PM EDT

Just because I write the “irrational investor” blog doesn’t mean I’m not one myself at times. Yet he told me the whole history of DiVall, including its inception in a fraud. The expression “it takes one to know one” comes to mind. Let me share an example of where I violated one of my own rules, and you decide whether I was smart to do it, or was seduced into writing out a check for some big bucks.

Background on my investment

Last July, I wrote about some private REITs that were now selling for large discounts. Finally, in looking at quarterly newsletters, his forecasts actually tended to be conservative, and earnings and distributions tended to be higher than forecasts. I made these investments knowing the trend for the distributions was declining and that the multi-billion dollar REITs were heavily levered with debt, though management may not agree.

Provo had absolutely no incentive to talk to me as I was buying shares from an existing shareholder. Was I logical to take a bit of a risk and buy a bit more DiVall than my rules would allow? Or was I seduced by the yield and a general partner who bent over backwards to help?

The leases aren’t backed by Wendy’s Corporate, they are with two small LLC franchisees. I offered my advice that they should be avoided when originally sold by the brokerage houses, but could be good for an investor’s “gambling portfolio” when purchased at discounts on the thinly traded private markets.

More on MoneyWatch

Investors: Ignore Your Instincts

Investing is Painful – Remember?

The Risk of Taking a Risk Profile Questionnaire

As to which brain is in the driver’s seat, one suggestion I’ve sometimes thought is useful is to flip a coin: “heads I invest, tails I don’t.” If it comes up tails and you get a sharp pang of disappointment âEUR” or it comes up heads and you pump your fist in a gesture of victory âEUR” then your decision was probably emotionally driven.

While there was nothing “insured” about the income this partnership was producing, I was intrigued enough about a 9 percent distribution yield on what seemed to be a steady payout from an entity with no debt. Provo mentioned he thought of the partnership as a “land bank.” The Wendy’s property locations were carefully selected by the franchise and likely to appreciate over time, paying a handsome cash distribution along the way.

My logical brain talks

Roth, everything you’ve written in the section above is merely a rationalization for violating your own rules to keep emotions out of investing. I noted the reasons why they were discounted. Neal Buckley, at the American Partnership Board, was kind enough to educate me on this space. Rather than having a value in billions, this partnership had a value of less than one percent of the big REITs, and was comprised of 15 small properties of which nine were leased on a NNN basis to two Wendy’s franchisees with long term leases.

Though I know I’ve made a risky investment, I view this as much as a business venture as I do as an investment.

And I did my due diligence, calling the general partner, Bruce Provo, president of The Provo Group, Inc. In fact, I asked Jason to pipe in and he stated:

Roth, try doing this the next time you think you are acting logically.

What do you think?

So, this is the inner debate between two parts of my brain. Markets aren’t stupid and any nine percent yield is risky.

So, I decided to stick my toe in the water and bought a little Inland American, Inland Western, and Cole Credit Property Trust II giving me a yield of about eight percent. This partnership was yielding about nine percent and was missing something – debt

Online Betting

UNESCO offers a platform for collaboration and the sharing of good practices, to highlight the stakes involved and turn words into action.

Putting the ‘Fair’ Back Into Play

“Kill the Referee”

Read More: Corruption, Doping, Sports, Government Policy, Education, Irina Bokova, Unesco, Online Betting, Social Values, Public Investment, Sports News

We enjoy the diversion of sports because the outcome of every contest is uncertain. Abrams” width=”45″ />

Patrick Basham

China’s Internet Giants’ Lottery Apps Linked to Spate of World Cup Suicides

While online betting on World Cup matches has resulted in enormous profits for the gambling platforms, and a windfall for the provincial sports lotteries, it has taken a toll on Chinese society.. If the game’s outcome is predetermined, we are just watching the commission of a crime.

Prohibitionists appear to ignore the fact that most gambling sites, like any reputable business, rely on customer loyalty to remain profitable. The necessity of maintaining a strong customer base would motivate legal American service providers to offer legitimate, reputable gambling sites.

PaddyPower.com is cashing in on the recent oil spill disaster by offering gamblers the chance to place bets on environmental and corporate fallout in…

A Safe Bet: Online Gambling’s Good for U.S.

Irina Bokova

PaddyPower.com Offers Betting On Endangered Species, Next BP CEO In Wake Of Oil Spill

Ryan McMorrow

Roger I</p>
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Top five horse racing bets

“It’s known as the Olympics of jumps racing, with the very best horses from across Europe competing,” Orr says.

Mcmanus: Myth, legend – Enter Irish billionaire businessman JP McManus (left). The 29-year-old from Cork placed $75 on famous trainer Nicky Henderson’s (right) five horses, winning in an accumulator bet.

8 photos

The big fella – Australian media mogul Kerry Packer, pictured here chatting to former Prime Minister John Howard, was a towering figure — both in statue and business. “Cheltenham without the Irish would be like Sunday roast without Yorkshire pudding.”

Odd choice – No one could quite believe it when three-year-old colt Donerail won the 1913 Kentucky in a record time of two minutes and four seconds. The property mogul and horse owner and breeder from Limerick is a renowned big better. The billionaire was an infamous gambler who as a young man reportedly lost $10,000 to illegal operators and had to be bailed out by his influential father, Frank Packer.. “They’re fearless punters,” Ladbrokes bookmaker David Williams says. More than $820 million is bet during the four-day meet, second only to the Grand National race.

Dettori’s stunning seven – Jockey Frankie Dettori made history after winning all seven races at Ascot in 1996. It remains the highest odds of any winner in the 137-year history of the race.

8 photos

8 photos

8 photos

8 photos

Horse play – Despite English comedian Arthur Askey’s take on horse racing punters, betting is no laughing matter in Britain with more than £12 billion ($18 billion) wagered annually. “A lot of his prize money goes back into the industry — he keeps so many stables in employment across Ireland and Britain,” says Betfair spokesman Barry Orr.

8 photos

8 photos

Stable bet – The luck of the Irish was certainly on stable boy Conor Murphy’s side when he won $1.5 million at last year’s Cheltenham Festival. But what are the legendary gambling stories of the track?

8 photos

Jumping for joy – McManus is a big player at Britain’s Cheltenham Festival. Least of all the bookmakers who had given him 91-1 odds. “We’ve been racing thoroughbreds for 300 years and I’m the first one to get there, and good luck to the guy who follows me,” he told CNN.

Luck of the Irish – Irish punters make up around 20% of Cheltenham race goers, helping to create a unique atmosphere of green-clad Guinness-drinking revelry

How can I stop gambling?

And you know yourself you don’t really want to do it, and know it is not going to work out no matter what. There will just be different ‘reasons’

You begin to want to stop but you cannot pull out right? because you’re down or you just want 1 more go, or whatever.

So here you have to look at it, you’re a human ok. There’s a lot of people with gambling problems…you’re not here because you’re undisciplined you can be as disciplined as you like you’re still going to lose, being undisciplined Just means you lose money quicker.

You see you feel weak when you lose, helpless yes. Mistake happened..money gone. Start fresh.

OK peace dude. This is a long question, but i can help you here. Don’t even think i’ll work and now im getting some back. I helped many people stop gambling.

I may write a lot, but try and read it all!

If you overcome the weakness that means not gambling getting on with life you will be stronger better and your ego will return to where it should be, and you can look back at this horrible predicament you was in and think im so glad im not there and not going to return.

There is barely anyone out there who actually makes a worthwhile income from gambling, Just bookies Casino’s and maybe a handful of poker players.

If you can envision 2-3 years ahead you haven’t gave up, you’re losing everything you make, you’ve got nothing left, you feel depressed like you’ve wasted valuable years of your life, you’ve let everyone close to you down, you don’t feel like you can recover…right then you can cry you can be even suicidal…your ego is crushed.

It becomes self hating, you almost hate yourself. You have to forgive yourself. Remember don’t punish yourself.

Have you ever been losing a lot, say you got 40 a left…you know you’re going to lose it 99% and you’re already desperate depressed, but you basically throw it away anyway?

Now you have to switch off from this impulsive mind with a flurry of thoughts you know like ”if only i did this, if only i bet on them, i was close this time, i used to win i probably just got sloppy, if i study the form etc harder then i’d be winning, i’ll train my brain to keep control if i lose then i’ll begin to win on average”

Switch straight off from all these thoughts, they are totally irrational, addictive needs outweighing everything else. Over. How do you turn a weakness into a positive? overcoming a weakness makes you strong. Totally wipe it out. All humans make mistakes. Let me put this scenario you win all your money back…however you try to brainwash yourself into contemplating this scenario, if you win your money back you’re not gonna feel strong not 1 bit, you’re gonna maybe have 1-2 days where you sorta celebrate think you’re done, before you feel weak and like you need to gamble again, and you won before you can win again, and you’re ok for money now so if you lose a bit you’ll keep your head….trust me 1 week later it’ll be all gone again.

Whatever your issues, personal problems, or confidence issues sort them out in other ways..gambling is not a solution, a cure or a friend..it’ll bring you down keep and you down

In your mind right now you think this place owes you money and you want it back.. So the most important thing is that you totally apply yourself mentally to being determined to actually give it up ok. Let it go. and it’s your mind trying to force yourself to believe that you can almost change the past in the future. Hope i helped

. but somewhere inside you, you know there’s a much bigger chance you’re going to lose a lot more trying to get it back. Just let it go. And a lot of humans suffer at some point in their life with an addiction. That’s imperative.

gambling is the easy option the weak option it makes you weak…but doing the right thing however hard it is, is what makes you stronger. The weakness is not being undisciplined… it’s allowing yourself to gamble when you know you’re more than likely going to lose. It’s hard to say it’s gone, but it is. So you punish yourself, if you had just 10 left at that time, and you could buy McDonald’s and you’re hungry, but instead you throw it away knowing you weren’t going to win and if you did you were going to gamble that anyway(may or may not apply to you this i don’t know) But you do begin to punish yourself.

First of all realize you could hear all the right things, get the best advice possible, have all the help you need, and if you’re not 100% truly committed to giving up gambling within yourself there’s still a high chance you’re going to end up continuing gambling. That will restore your ego